6 things should be avoided in daily life

One: Smoking early in the morning

Woke up this morning , the body’s metabolism has not yet returned to normal levels , slow respiratory rate , more carbon dioxide is deposited . If you smoking can make bronchial irritation and cause spasm , carbon dioxide discharge blocked , To produce quite stuffy, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms.

Two : fasting drink milk

Milk protein digestion through the stomach and small intestine into amino acids can be absorbed in the small intestine , and gastric emptying quickly fasting drink milk to make the stomach had a chance to be absorbed , resulting in a waste of nutrients and protein in the large intestine but also toxic substances into corruption

Three: In the toilet reading the newspaper

Many people like to go to the toilet reading the newspaper , a squat is most of the day . Not only will the toilet reading the newspaper received suppress bowel consciousness , loss of bowel and rectal stimulation causes sensitivity , likely to cause constipation

Four: Indoor aviculture

Parrot with bird droppings virus , Mycobacterium tuberculosis island and send mites. Guano is bacteria will be flying in the room after the crush . Prolonged inhalation of respiratory symptoms induced mucosal congestion, cough , severe pneumonia and shock

Five: bath time is too long

Toxic substances in the water such as trichlorethylene and chloroform was evaporated to 80% and 50% by hot water . Part will be absorbed into the circulatory system of the body , causing great harm . In addition, a long bath in hot water is not good for the heart

Six: sleep with windows closed

People after fall asleep 300 ml per minute to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide 250 ml . If the doors and windows closed , Not need three hours, indoor carbon dioxide will increase threefold, bacteria and other harmful substances will grow exponentially. So when slept, should leave the window aperture open

310 seconds for a good health

when wake up don’t get up immediately, lay in bed and 30 seconds;Sit up and take 30 seconds; ;

Two,sagging in the bed and waited 30 seconds.

After 310 seconds , do not spend a penny, no cerebral ischemia , heart is not only very safe , to reduce a lot of unnecessary sudden death ,unnecessary myocardial infarction, unwanted stroke .

Healthy three and a half hours,

First of all,

Movement for half an hour every morning, a run of not less than one kilometer, or make other sports, but to vary the amount of movement.


half-hour nap in the noon, which is a human biological clock needs. half-hour nap in noon and go to work in the afternoon, you will get plenty of energy.the elderly need to add more sleep in the noon,because older people sleep early, get up early, need noon rest much.


At 6 pm and 7:00 trot to walk for half an hour, sleep well at night, can reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction, hypertension

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