A few things you should be aware of when using growth hormone!

Recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) is a growth hormone with the same structure as human growth hormone made by recombinant DNA technology. Short stature caused by different reasons is different in drug dosage, course of treatment and curative effect, which should be used under the guidance of professional doctors, and regular review is required to ensure drug safety.

Significance of growth hormone therapy

Promotes growth and improves adult height

Promote fat metabolism, improve bone strength, strengthen muscle strength, improve body tissue and body shape

Improve self-identity and behavior, enhance self-confidence and athletic ability

Improve the quality of life

Essentials for growth hormone injection

Best time: 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.
Injections can be given after a bath to avoid infection of the injection site.

  1. Recommended position: Sitting or lying with knees bent.
  2. Common sites: lower margin of deltoid muscle of upper arm, outer middle part of thigh, periphery of umbilicus 2 cm away.
  3. Rotate the injection site every day with more than 2cm between the two positions to avoid subcutaneous tissue degeneration caused by repeated injection of the same site in a short period of time.
  4. Check whether the syringe is normal before injection, disinfect the injection position, and do the next operation after the alcohol evaporates completely to avoid the pain caused by alcohol stimulation.
  5. During injection, pay attention to keep the same Angle of needle entry and needle pulling. The Angle of needle entry is about 45-60, and the Angle of needle entry is too small.
  6. After the injection, do not pull out the needle immediately, hold for 15 seconds, let the liquid completely absorb before pulling out the needle.
    If there is a small amount of bleeding, you can gently wipe with a dry cotton swab, do not wipe with alcohol cotton, to avoid inflamed pinpricks.

Adverse reactions to growth hormone drugs

  1. Local reactions (pain, numbness, redness and swelling, etc.) usually occur in the early stage of medication, and the incidence decreases with the duration of medication.
    (At present, the drug purity is getting higher and higher, and the chance of occurrence is very small.
    If there is redness and swelling, it is usually around the injection site. If it is a large area or systemic condition, please seek medical advice immediately.)
  2. Peripheral edema, joint pain or myalgia.
    (Symptoms of fluid and sodium retention)
  3. Transient hyperglycemia, in which the blood glucose is higher than before the medication, but mostly still in the normal range, and usually returns to normal with the extension of the medication time or after the withdrawal of the medication.
  4. A small number of patients may have subclinical hypothyroidism during treatment, which should be corrected in time to avoid affecting the efficacy of rhGH. Thyroid function should be monitored regularly during medication, and thyroid hormone should be taken orally when necessary.

Growth hormone use is contraindicated

The use of epiphyses for growth promotion is prohibited after the epiphysis has been completely closed

Severe systemic infection and other critically ill patients in the body during the acute shock

It is contraindicated in patients with symptoms of tumor progression

Growth hormone notes

  1. Patients who are under the guidance of a doctor to make a definite diagnosis

People with diabetes may need to adjust the dosage of anti-sugar drugs

  1. The injection site should be changed frequently
  2. Correct children’s bad posture during treatment to prevent scoliosis
  3. During the treatment, if the fever exceeds 38.5 degrees, the medicine should be stopped, and the medicine should be resumed after the fever is gone
  4. Follow your doctor’s advice and have regular reviews
  5. Use growth hormones without preservatives

Growth hormone preservation issues

Store at 2 to 8 degrees away from light and refrigerate

Medicines should be placed in the middle of the freezer’s preservation layer

The refrigerator back wall temperature is low, easy to frost, refrigerator door position temperature is not constant and easy to fall off when the switch

Notes on growth hormone use

  1. Daily milk 500ml, 1 egg, meat, vegetables, fruits nutrition balance
  2. Skip rope, run, touch the high movement not less than half an hour, usually sit upright

People with excessive appetite should avoid gaining weight too fast

  1. Get enough sleep and fall asleep between 9:30 and 10:00 every night

Content of growth hormone review

Common review items

Growth hormone review depends on the specific indications of each child, so the review items are also different:

  1. Measure height and weight
  2. Fasting glucose

Fasting insulin

  1. We
  2. Insulin-like Growth factor (IGF-1)
  3. The bone age

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