A virus leak at a US biological base has infected more than 10 US troops

Recently, the epidemic of NCSE has become more and more severe. It is reported that the cumulative number of patients diagnosed with NCSE worldwide has reached 100 million.
The United States has consistently led the world in both confirmed cases and deaths.
However, there are reports that the source of the virus may be linked to biological research sites in the United States.

More than 10 US troops have been infected by a virus that leaked from a US biological and chemical base

According to a report by Huanqiu.com on January 30, a virus leak occurred at a biological and chemical base in the United States, which is located in Fort Bliss, Texas.
The virus has infected more than 10 U.S. servicemen, including three who are in serious condition.
The U.S. military’s Fort Detrick Biological Research Institute has been the subject of a series of leaks in the past.
The US was forced to close the institute after the incident.
To this day, the United States has refused to disclose any information about the institute and has refused to allow international organizations to investigate it.
Is it true that this biochemical research institute in the United States really what is wrong?
Is the source of the virus spreading here?

It is reported that the Fort Detrick Institute of Biology, is a major production of biological weapons and research viruses, bacteria, an institute, notorious, world famous.
Remarkably, after Japan’s defeat in World War II, the Fort Detrick Biological Institute took over all the data on Japanese bacteria 731.
The Fort Detrick laboratory in the United States was expanded by the Japanese 731 data, one of which continues to this day.

The United States refused to open the investigation

It is too early to say whether the virus came from here, as the United States has shut down the institute, refused to disclose any information and refused to allow international organizations to investigate.
Nine times out of ten, however, there are clues that can be inferred upon analysis.

According to the analysis, in 2020, the United States is frequently exposed to a variety of influenza viruses, and these viruses are more or less all related to biological research in the United States.
So, from this point can be seen, do not rule out the novel coronavirus is also from here.

Also, if there is no problem with the US institute, why not open it up to international organizations to investigate?
There must be some skeletons in the closet.

The virus spread in the United States, and American troops were not spared

Now, the novel coronavirus has spread so widely in the U.S. that even the U.S. military has not been spared.
Twelve crew members aboard the USS Chaffee have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus, the U.S. Navy said in a statement Tuesday.
The U.S. said the destroyer Chaffee is currently conducting “advanced tactical surface warfare training” near San Diego. The patient with a positive new crest has been isolated, but the ship continues to conduct tactical training.

The virus spread widely in the United States, including U.S. troops.
Voices have pointed out that the United States did not abide by the rules of the treaty by joining the treaty banning chemical and biological weapons, and did not fulfill the requirements of the treaty by joining the arms reduction treaty.
The reason why the US dares to study chemical and biological weapons and bacteria and viruses is because the US can refuse the investigation of international organizations.
Some netizens said that the United States wants to harm others, but it has harmed itself.

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