Argentina still has four vaccine candidates, hoping to vaccinate more than half of the population

According to a report by Newland Weekly in Argentina, Argentina has urgently approved the use of Pfizer vaccine and Russian Sputnik V vaccine. It is currently in negotiations with China National Pharmaceutical Group, China Kexin Biotechnology and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. In addition, it has signed a contract with Oxford/AztraZeneca to purchase its vaccine Agreement. All candidate vaccines have shown positive results in terms of effectiveness and safety in the third phase of clinical studies.

Argentine Minister of Health Gonzalez García said: Five months of negotiations have been conducted with suppliers such as China National Pharmaceutical Group and Coxin Biotechnology, and a video conference will be held on the 25th. In cooperation with Kexin Biological, a letter of intent has been signed with the Brazilian Butantan Institute, which is authorized to produce vaccines by the company. The agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals is also about to be signed.

In addition, in the first few days of November, Argentina and AstraZeneca signed an agreement to purchase 22.4 million doses of Oxford vaccine, which will be available in March. At the same time, Insud Group’s mAbxience company announced that it will produce about 150 million doses of the effective ingredients of this vaccine at its plant in Buenos Aires province, and the cost of each vaccine is about US$4.

In addition to the 20 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine signed with the Russian investment fund and the 9 million doses of vaccine to be obtained through the WHO COVAX mechanism, Argentina has signed more than 50 million doses of vaccine.

Although the Argentine Food, Drug and Medical Technology Regulatory Agency approved the possibility of using Pfizer vaccine in emergency situations, the government’s negotiations with the pharmaceutical company have gone wrong and have not been completed. The main reason is that some requirements made by Pfizer cannot be met within the legal framework of Argentina.

In the negotiations between the government and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine, there is no information on how many doses to provide and when. Janssen Pharmaceuticals provided the necessary documents for registration of its Janssen Covid 19 vaccine to the Argentine drug regulatory agency on December 4. AstraZeneca submitted the AZD-1222 vaccine document on October 5th; Russia submitted the Sputnik V document on November 2nd, and Pfizer provided its Sars-Cov-2 vaccine document on December 2nd. . In fact, currently only Pfizer vaccine is approved for emergency use by the National Food, Drug and Medical Technology Administration of Argentina, and the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is approved for emergency use by an executive order signed by the Ministry of Health.

Gonzalez Garcia said that although there is a vaccine, difficulties remain before most people are vaccinated. Therefore, protective measures cannot be relaxed. The government is willing to purchase the necessary vaccines for the people to vaccinate, hoping that the vaccinated population will account for the total population. The ratio exceeds 50%.

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