At what age does the child no longer recommend the use of growth hormone?

I often encounter such parents at work, because I ignored the child’s bone age test or knew nothing about the child’s growth and development until the child stopped long, went to high school, and even went to college before I realized that the child’s height had problems and missed the onset of puberty. I also missed the girl’s menstrual period and the boy’s last chance to save during the voice change period. When the child is older, he has no idea whether he needs medication or not. Parents are really unwilling to give up. Generally speaking, the clinical data of China’s 05 standard bone age identification is generally more than 15 years old for boys and 13 years old for girls. It is difficult to have room for significant improvement in future height. The use of growth hormone is not meaningful.

It is a difficult choice for parents. Doctors in clinical practice do not recommend the use of growth hormone, because the effect of one to two centimeters is too small. The use of growth hormone itself is also a kind of injury. The cost is high and it is not necessarily effective. Say, giving up is equal to missing everything again, and I want to grasp the last bit. My mood is very complex and very understandable. Even some parents are looking for ways to increase their height. No matter whether it’s true or false, try it out. , Japan’s heightening drugs, etc. countless so-called heightening products, money is no longer a problem, the biggest feature of which does not have a national batch number.

Finally, parents are reminded that the suppression of needles and growth hormone in clinic is the main drug for improving the child’s future height. It is used by a specific group of people, mainly precocious puberty, growth hormone deficiency, and obviously used by small children. It belongs to advanced hormone drugs, biological agents, and Some children will have significant weight gain, depression, osteoporosis, abnormal blood glucose and thyroxine, so parents should not only pay attention to the effect of medication, but also see potential side effects. As far as possible, accurate bone age identification and prediction of future height should be done as much as possible. The Chinese 05 standard should be used for identification. The old standard and the atlas method may have large data deviations. Finally, after good communication and comprehensive judgment with the doctor, the decision is made.

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