Can I stop using the growth hormone?

Injecting growth hormone and stopping medication are very important. We usually say that growth hormone therapy is an individualized diagnosis and treatment, and each patient’s situation must be considered in detail. Different patients with short stature have different treatment withdrawal plans using growth hormone therapy. It is best to stop treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Unauthorized withdrawal may result in unsatisfactory treatment effects and increased treatment costs.

  Many parents ask, my child has been treated for some time, and now his height is ideal, I want to stop the drug, how to stop it? According to the etiology, the drug withdrawal program is also different. You should ask the attending doctor for advice before deciding whether to stop the drug. The attending physician is the expert who knows the child’s physical condition best, and his suggestions are also the most valuable.

  Using growth hormone therapy, the purpose is not to improve the child’s current height, but to improve the child’s final adult height. In patients with growth hormone deficiency, after the growth hormone treatment reaches a relatively ideal height, the growth rate has decreased (the annual height is less than about 3cm). Because the child has reached the ideal height, and the potency of growth hormone is relatively poor, continued treatment at this time is often due to the age of the bone, which is prone to side effects. Of course, some people think that patients with growth hormone deficiency and reduced sexual function can properly consider stopping the drug when it is still a little bit away from the final height, because these patients often have a late epiphyseal healing, although the growth rate is slower after the treatment is stopped. Slow, but still able to grow properly.

  Patients with different indications and different diagnoses have different drug withdrawal programs. It is never a good idea to stop the drug on their own. Some parents of children stopped the medicine themselves, and after a period of time, the child became unsatisfactory, and began to fight again and again, intermittently, resulting in unsatisfactory treatment effects. This will only artificially increase waste, which ultimately leads to increased treatment costs and treatment effects.

  Growth hormone therapy is a long process, and it is not a life-long effort after stopping the medicine. After stopping the medicine, you should still maintain good work and rest habits. Parents should urge their children to eat, exercise and sleep well, and try not to get sick. Be sure to monitor the child’s height every three or six months and calculate the growth rate. If the growth rate is still not ideal and deviates from the normal growth curve, then you must continue to find the cause, otherwise the final adult height is still not ideal. It is best for the child to return to the hospital for three to six months after stopping the medicine.

  During the diagnosis and treatment of short stature, parents and doctors should form an organic whole and communicate frequently. I hope that parents will strengthen their study during the treatment process, pay more attention to follow-up, and must participate in the treatment process. Don’t think that this is a doctor’s business or a child’s business. In fact, this is the direction of an organic body composed of several people. Parents are among them The role is very critical.

   In general, the purpose of using growth hormone therapy for short children is to exogenously supplement growth hormone, and the clinically used dose is the smallest effective amount, which is safe and effective, and will not have a negative impact on the child’s own growth and development. The growth hormone used in the treatment has the same structure as the natural growth hormone. Zero antibody detection. Injection treatment will only promote the growth of the child’s height. If the drug is stopped, the child will also grow at the original growth rate and secrete itself. There is no impact.

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