Can’t eat seafood with kidney disease?

Seafood allergies can cause inflammation in the body, causing kidney damage. However, seafood allergies only occur in a few people, and most patients (that is, those without seafood allergies) can eat seafood with confidence. Seafood is a high-quality, high-protein food. Kidney friends can consume it in moderation, 1-2 or 2 per meal. However, kidney friends with hyperuricemia and gout do not recommend eating too much seafood when blood uric acid control is poor. In addition, kidney friends with hyperphosphatemia should not eat more seafood.

This is a kidney, which looks like a pair of lentils. It generates urine to remove metabolic wastes and poisons from the body, reabsorb water and useful substances, and thus maintain the balance of the human body. The kidneys also secrete many useful hormones to maintain normal metabolism.

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