Critics in the United States continue to criticize the government’s response to the outbreak

The global pandemic of covid-19 has become increasingly severe. This should have been a crucial moment for countries to help each other and work together to combat the epidemic.
However, what some us politicians care most about is not the prevention and control of the epidemic. Instead, they deliberately politicize and stigmatize the epidemic and try their best to blame other countries and international organizations.
Against this background, the United States, due to its own inadequate response, has become the most severely affected country in the world, with the highest number of infections and deaths.
People from all walks of life in the United States have increasingly questioned the us government’s response to the covid-19 outbreak, and have criticized and reflected on the inadequate response to the epidemic and the institutional problems behind it.

The delay time

The mainstream media in the United States “re-reported” the poor performance of the White House in the fight against the epidemic from various angles, focusing on the criticism of the White House’s slow response and waste of time.
A lengthy investigative report in the New York times said the White House had been slow to contain the outbreak, repeatedly missing “potentially critical turning points” and that “continued delays have left officials unable to get a true picture of the scale of the outbreak, leaving local governments around the country to work in the dark and watch it unfold.”
The Washington post, based on the us government officials, public health experts, intelligence officials and other persons involved in outbreak 47 times interview, launch depth investigation according to the article, “the United States has always been considered a pandemic of the best prepared countries, but will eventually coronavirus disastrous defeat, the number of casualties than any other country”.
At White House press conferences on April 13 and 19, reporters from CBS and CNN asked why the U.S. government did not take defensive measures sooner rather than later.

According to statistics released by Johns Hopkins university on May 27, there have been more than 100,000 deaths in the United States.
“The United States has the highest number of confirmed deaths in the world,” time said.
That’s equivalent to the entire population of a mid-sized city like Albany, New York, or boca raton, Florida.
That’s more than the Korean war, the Vietnam war and the 9/11 terrorist attacks combined.”
The statistics were front-page news across the United States.
Following the “1,000 obituaries” on the front page of the New York times on May 24, USA today, another major us media outlet, published a “100 photos” of americans who died of covid-19 on its front page on May 27.
CNN called for reflection and accountability. “the number one tragedy is that these 100,000 people did not have to die,” it said.
Anthony fauci, director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, said, “many more lives could have been saved if the government had acted early in the covid-19 outbreak in the United States.”
A research model from Columbia University in the us showed that if the us had adopted social isolation earlier, the death toll would have been reduced by about 36,000, and about 83 per cent of deaths could have been prevented if the national lockdown had been put in place two weeks earlier.

Francis fukuyama, an American scholar, pointed out in his article “the cost of political decay in the United States” that the U.S. government tried to play down the crisis and failed to take protective measures sooner.
Senate appropriations committee member Patrick leahy said, “the White House knows it mishandled the crisis from the start, ignored multiple warnings and wasted valuable time.”
Cheng li, director of the John Thornton China center at the brookings institution, said, “behind the large number of deaths are thousands of grieving families, and the number is still rising, posing a huge humanitarian challenge.”
Former world bank chief economist Anne krueger points out that the U.S. government is in effect waging war on human health.

Intentionally hide

For a long time, some American politicians have been deliberately accusing China of concealing information about the epidemic, but their self-acting has finally “exposed” that it is they who are concealing the epidemic.
“As early as January 3, the U.S. government received its first official notification of the discovery of a new virus,” USA today said.
In the weeks that followed, scientists, the cia, epidemiologists and national security aides issued warnings.
But the government publicly dismissed the novel coronavirus threat, downplayed the danger and provided false information.”
The New York times reported that “from the beginning there has been an intense debate within the administration about how much truth to tell the people.”
CDC official Nancy maisonir told the public in late February that the outbreak would be a major disruption to daily life, a move that drew immediate criticism from the top levels of the U.S. government.
Greg gonsalves, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Yale university in the us, said the “negligence, concealment and failure” of us politicians in fighting the disease was “deliberate”.

According to the latest covid-19 statistics released by Johns Hopkins university on May 27, 2020, there have been more than 100,000 deaths in the United States.
Photo taken on May 27, 2008 shows the newly crowned memorial wall for the deceased outside a cemetery in New York, the United States.
Photo by guo ke/xinhua

Several us media reports said Florida had suspected covid-19 cases as early as January, two months before the first official confirmation.
As many as 171 people were suspected of being infected with novel coronavirus in January and February, according to Florida state government data.
The first suspected cases were reported on January 1.
The state of Florida removed information about the 171 suspected cases from its website, without explanation from the governor or others.
According to NPR on May 19, “the state of Florida has expelled Rebecca Jones, a top ‘covid-19’ data expert, for refusing to manually alter her statistics to win support for her plan to resume work and production.”

Data released by the us department of labor on May 21, 2020 showed that 2.438 million people applied for initial unemployment benefits in the us last week, highlighting the severe impact of the covid-19 outbreak on the us job market.
A homeless camp on the street in Los Angeles, May 21, 2010.

The irony is clear, the Washington post said. “for months, the American public has been told not to believe in the seriousness of the risks surrounding the outbreak.
The White House’s strategy has been to deny, distort, deflect and prevent the truth from coming out, “he said.” americans must not only confront the virus, but also confront the government’s dangerous manipulation of data and truth.”
Former U.S. ambassador to China John baucus said many officials in the United States were intimidated by the government into not telling the truth because of what he called “political correctness.” it was a bit of McCarthyism.

Novel coronavirus emerged in Washington state in December 2019, according to an antibody test report disclosed by the Seattle times.
On March 11, Robert redfield, director of the centers for disease control and prevention, acknowledged that some of the “flu” deaths in the United States may actually have covid-19.
Michael melham, mayor of belleville, New Jersey, said he was infected with a novel coronavirus in November 2019.
The doctor diagnosed him with the flu, but the novel coronavirus antibody tested positive.
Melham said he was surrounded by people who fell ill in November 2019 with similar symptoms.
“There are indications that the government is hiding something,” a local official said.


Bill Gates, co-chairman of the gates foundation, said of the disarray in the us response to the covid-19 pandemic: “it is sad that the us could have done so well, but it has done so badly.”

“When the federal government finally acted, its incompetence was staggering,” said a May 27 editorial on the website of USA today. “the scarcity of personal protective equipment and test kits has reduced federal procurement to a competitive bidding contest with the states.
Clumsy operating from the department of agriculture is aside for tens of millions of pounds of rot in the field of agricultural products, desperate to find food supply side let food aid station “, “in the push to restart enterprises, schools and churches, the United States still does not make a – in the vaccine before the advent of inhibit essential outbreaks, comprehensive detection, tracking and isolation scheme”.

“In the weeks since Italy became a hot spot, the United States has continued to allow 140,000 travelers from Italy to enter the United States, and 1.7 million from other European countries, without any precautions like temperature checks or quarantine for 14 days,” the magazine said.
“How could a country with the most advanced medical science in the world struggle to diagnose novel coronavirus infection?” asked the New York times.
Why aren’t more americans getting tested sooner?
How many americans are carrying novel coronavirus?”
The Washington post, in a detailed account of the government’s various missteps, noted that the scope of the tests was too limited;
Different agencies are locked in infighting as the outbreak approaches;
The White House has played down the threat, and public health officials and experts have had to find an “uncomfortable balance” between being honest and transparent and adapting to changing government.

Niall ferguson, a senior fellow at Stanford university’s hoover institution, told the nikkei Asian review: “the United States currently lacks many of the qualities that make it a world power.
Politics is a mess, and many americans have blurred the line between politics and reality television.
There is a systemic failure at the government level to provide the necessary safeguards for the people.
According to noam Chomsky, a leading American scholar, “the United States is on a chaotic path, with no leadership and no plan in the fight against covid-19.
Cut funding for the CDC and end its cooperation with Chinese scientists.
These practices left the United States unprepared for the virus.

Dennis carroll, an epidemiologist who heads the global pandemic prevention and control task force at the U.S. agency for international development, said there is no escaping the responsibility of the federal government for poor coordination and poor response.
According to an article published on the website of the Atlantic monthly, the failure of the government to take strong prevention and control measures is the most important reason for the outbreak in the United States.
“I think this is a catastrophic failure of the federal government and federal leadership,” said ashish jha, a global health expert at Harvard University.

Ignore the science

“There is a historical epidemic going on,” said Lawrence ghostine, a professor of global health law at Georgetown university in the United States.
Sadly, America’s public-health experts are increasingly being sidelined.
Douglas brinkley, a historian at rice university in the us, criticised “the erosion of one of America’s proudest assets, the deep accumulation of scientific expertise over the years”, which he described as “wildly crazy and arbitrary”.

CDC officials told CNN, they have been trying to coordinate all sides to deal with COVID – 19 outbreak, but their efforts have always been a constraint of the White House, because politicians in Washington are more care about politics, not science, the practice of the White House has worsened the outbreak, also makes the 73 – year history of the United States centers for disease control and marginalized, become a supportive department, so that an official said their biggest worry is that their scientific work is always behind the political, “if we have, the science and policy of the us became a problem”.

Us journalist michelle goldberg wrote that “with the spread of novel coronavirus, the government’s disdain for expertise and its preference for blind loyalty over technical competence is becoming a more immediate threat to the health of the American people.”
An article in the New York times said that in the fight against the epidemic in the United States, “we often put our own political instincts above the facts, repeatedly rejecting the views of scientists and ignoring the science.”

“From the beginning, American epidemiologists tried to contain the novel coronavirus threat, but their work quickly became politicized,” wrote Nobel prize-winning economist Paul krugman.
Wendy Wagner, a law professor at the university of Texas at Austin, us, has warned that “if the us federal government is unable to use science professionally, then the likelihood of bad decisions is increased and new public health risks are more likely to be missed”.
The political assault on science over decades has been “elevated to a new level” by the government, destroying americans’ trust in these institutions and leaving the country “in a fragile state,” according to an article by the brookings institution.
According to the New York times, “the huge contradiction between the medical experts’ epidemic prevention measures and the short-term economic interests of the us is an important reason why the us federal government chooses to ‘ban scientists’, even if it comes at the cost of public health”.

Medical care defect

The outbreak of covid-19 has exposed huge flaws in the us healthcare system.
At the time of the outbreak, nearly 30 million americans had no health insurance at all and many more were underinsured, a situation that accelerated as unemployment soared, according to media reports.
In New York at the height of the epidemic, the two poorest boroughs, the Bronx and queens, had twice as many infections as Manhattan, which had the highest population density.
A report released by the us centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) shows that poverty among the elderly, high cost of medical care and elderly care services have undoubtedly increased the pressure on epidemic prevention and control.

“Covid-19 is spreading in the United States, exposing serious problems in the health system’s response to major diseases,” the Washington post said.
The lack of universal health care has left the United States vulnerable to the epidemic.
Low-paid workers, even when they are sick, may continue to work for fear of not getting paid sick leave.

An article on the website of time magazine pointed out that “the complicated insurance policies in the United States make it difficult for many americans to afford medical care under normal circumstances”.
According to a study recently released by the national health insurance plan organization, the average cost of treatment in an intensive care unit for covid-19 patients is more than $30,000.
Even for those who do not need intensive care, health insurance in the United States is the most expensive in the world.
To make matters worse, about 55 percent of americans have access to health insurance only through work, but the spread of the disease in the United States is exacerbating an already severe unemployment crisis that has left many americans without health insurance.
In the past, more than 30 million americans have filed for unemployment, and the number of uninsured families has soared.
Nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults say they are at a loss for even a $400 emergency, according to federal reserve data.
And half of americans report that they or a family member has delayed seeking medical care because they can’t afford it.

A former U.S. department of health and human services secretary Tom price in the outbreak of the new champions league highlights the defects of health care system – this will make things worse, “the article said that the loss of life is unimaginable, it exposes the American health care system of some very distinct reality, it is flu pandemic that makes this” always there but usually not for the public to see crack “is now displayed in an all-round way.
“The lack of a universal health insurance system is not only a moral issue, but also puts the United States at a serious disadvantage in the fight against global infectious diseases,” wrote the American political and economic commentator John oren.
“The crisis has revealed all too clearly the limits and absurdity of the pattern perpetuated by intense lobbying by private insurers,” says gabriel zuckerman, an economist.

Racial discrimination

Novel coronavirus is a common enemy of all mankind. People of any country, race or color can be the target of avirus attack.
In the face of the virus and the epidemic, mankind is a community with a Shared future.
However, with the continuous spread and spread of the epidemic, racism in the United States began to take on a new form, and ethnic minority groups in the United States suffered huge racial discrimination in the epidemic.

African-americans account for 52 percent of confirmed cases and 58 percent of deaths in the United States, according to a survey released in early may by universities and research institutions, including the Johns Hopkins bloomberg school of public health and emory university’s rollins school of public health.
According to the U.S. census bureau, african-americans make up only 13.4 percent of the U.S. population.
Former US President barack Obama said, “the covid-19 epidemic has made the black community in the United States suffer more, which is a manifestation of the persistent racial inequality in American society.”

The death of an African-American man by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020, led to massive street protests that spread to New York, Los Angeles and other cities.
Some of the protests in Minneapolis escalated into rioting, with vandalism, looting, vandalism and burning of buildings and vehicles.
Protesters set fire to a police station in Minneapolis on May 28.
Photo by Ben hoffland, xinhua

Bill Gates, co-chairman of the gates foundation, said: “what is even more desperate is that in the United States, testing for viruses depends on the population.”
An investigation by us national public radio in Tennessee found that novel coronavirus testing in Memphis was mostly conducted in a predominantly white community rather than an African-American one.
Novel coronavirus tests in Nashville are mostly performed at clinics in white neighborhoods, while testing facilities in minority neighborhoods have been slow to obtain testing equipment and protective equipment.

U.S. senator Elizabeth warren said in a statement that “the covid-19 epidemic is making those inequities more evident than they have been for decades, when structural racism denied many black and brown families access to quality health care, affordable housing, and economic security.”
Us economist Heidi hilholtz said, “the income gap caused by racial differences in the us is even more pronounced in the context of the pandemic crisis.
The recession will exacerbate existing racial inequalities, particularly among blacks and hispanics.
Anthony fauci, director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, acknowledges that the covid-19 outbreak has exposed longstanding gaps in health care for people of different RACES and ethnicities in the United States.
“Things get ugly when economic hardship is compounded by racist manipulation of disease,” says tagima pena, producer of the PBS documentary “Asian americans.”

CNN’s African-American anchor don Raymond commented on the show that the United States is now facing two deadly viruses, a novel coronavirus and avirus of discrimination: “like a novel coronavirus, the virus of discrimination continues to spread in this country.”
Novel coronavirus can be treated, but discrimination is incurable.

Party gain

“The way the government is dealing with the situation is infuriating,” he said. “what they care about is not getting the right response, but getting more support.”
So chided the U.S. government by CNN.

In the United States, the novel coronavirus threat has become a political issue, voa said.
In an atmosphere of mutual attack, “the public’s awareness of the dangers of novel coronavirus was divided along party lines.”
In the United States, four out of 10 Democrats consider the novel coronavirus an urgent threat, compared with two out of 10 republicans, according to a new Reuters/ipsos poll.
“I think the two parties are in a bind to some extent,” said Dr. David learman, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford university.
The Democrats are more focused and supportive of public health, while the republicans are more concerned about the economic impact of novel coronavirus. It is difficult to reach a consensus.”
‘Democrats and republicans are locked in a heated debate over policies to respond to covid-19, highlighting the deepening partisan divide and proving that even a pandemic cannot bridge this widening political divide,’ the Associated Press said in an article.

The Washington post said in a commentary that the us is playing a deadly game of trial and error as the death toll from covid-19 continues to rise and the economy is hastily restarted. “restarting the economy under such circumstances means that no state is well placed to control the spread of the epidemic, and every state could be a loophole for another outbreak,” it said.
“Despite the controversy, many republicans have chosen to reopen the economy without being fully prepared, blaming Democrats for everything,” NPR reported.
“There is no reason for the world’s richest nation to choose between saving its economy and saving its lives,” time wrote.
“It is a tragedy that the U.S. government has failed to safeguard the public welfare in the midst of the covid-19 crisis,” said best-selling American author David little.
But it is not surprising that the public interest has been repeatedly ignored, from the way America organises elections to the way it funds campaigns, from gerrymandering to the way lobbyists influence political decisions.
America is being run and enjoyed by fewer people than at any time in the last half century, and the people are suffering as a result.

A lot of questions have been asked on social media in the us: are the precious lives of the American people not worth mentioning when it comes to the so-called votes and economic data?
Former US President George w. bush called for “all partisan and political differences to make way for the fight against the epidemic and to respect people’s lives and health”.

“Swing the pot” blame

At present, some us politicians, instead of focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and self-checking their policies, have been blaming the epidemic.
On the one hand, they criticized the world health organization (who) for favoring China and failing to fulfill its duties by announcing the “termination of its relationship with the who”.
While fabricating all kinds of fantastic lies, “dump pot” China.

CNN anchor fareed zakaria said that in the early days of the outbreak, the United States had highly praised China’s response to the epidemic, praised China’s transparency in its response to the epidemic, and said the two countries were cooperating closely on the epidemic.
However, when the us government squandered a two-month window for epidemic prevention and caused the outbreak in the us, it began to “eat crow” in the hope of saving its own polls and then making China the “scapegoat”.

House speaker Nancy pelosi said, “all this focus on China is to divert attention from the United States and not to focus attention on what the government should do about the epidemic.”
Former republican Congressman carlos biro said, “the U.S. government decision-making errors in a series of important crisis led to the spread is reluctant to admit mistakes, then to jilt pot to China”, “so a asked outbreak response, campaign must do everything we can to pull in China, but do not change the essence of the problem.
Jeffrey sachs, a professor of economics at Columbia University in the us, said that the us government’s “blame game” against China on the epidemic is groundless and illogical, and has caused serious consequences. It is a big lie.
On May 17, the daily beast reported under the headline “disclosure: a report from a U.S. defense department contractor that the virus came from a lab in wuhan was fabricated,” that the evidence circulated by top U.S. government officials was flawed and untenable.
One data analysis expert quipped that the report was simply a “negative example” of information analysis, in which data were compared “with the wrong lips” and “with the conclusion to find evidence” rather than an objective analysis and test of the data.

The New York times, published on May 24, 2020, used its entire front page to list the names, ages and identities of 1,000 people who had died of covid-19.
The lead of this particular “report” reads: “they were more than just names. They were us.
It is impossible to measure the full impact of covid-19 on the United States, whether it is the number of patients, the interruptions to work or the abrupt end of life.
As the country nears the grim ‘milestone’ of 100, 000 deaths, the New York times collects obituaries of the dead.
“These 1,000 people are only one percent of the dead. They are not just Numbers.”
Xinhua news agency reporter wang ying/photo

The New York times said the us decision to end its relationship with the world health organisation was “a significant escalation of the novel coronavirus outbreak blamed on China and the who to deflect blame for the failure of its response to the crisis that led to the deaths of more than 100,000 people in the us”.
Josh schwering, senior strategist at the democratic political action committee, said, “the failure of the administration to act in a timely manner has caused the epidemic to spread like wildfire in the United States.
He can only hide his serious negligence in the prevention and control of the epidemic by ‘dumping the pot’ to the world health organization.
Michael merson, a professor at duke university’s institute for global health, has written that it is unfair and dangerous for the United States to accuse the world health organization.
The sudden suspension of U.S. government funding to the who would seriously jeopardize the organization’s operations and worsen the outbreak and its global impact.
“There is a growing recognition that there is no justice or justice in politicizing the outbreak and blaming it on the world health organization,” said a CNN article.

“Stop shirk responsibility, to solve the crisis”, “the Las Vegas sun said, now is not blame and sling pot, the United States in the pain of an unprecedented state of emergency, there are many things to do to get rid of trouble, at this point should be clear, focused and forward-looking information, focus on responsibility is the most unpopular and abnormal interference.

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