Drink water to urinate much, be to represent kidney bad?

We all know that the kidney is an important organ to discharge urine from the body, but also metabolize some of the garbage toxins in the body.
Drinking more water in your daily life can speed up the excretion of garbage in your body, and it is also very good for your kidneys.
However, once some people drink a lot of water and start to go to the toilet, they start to worry about their kidney problems, today Xiaobin and everyone together to study this problem.

One, drink water to urinate much, be to represent kidney bad?
Doctor: Those of you who urinate when you drink, know these four points

  1. Drinking too little water

Many people do not develop the habit of drinking water in their daily life, only when they feel very thirsty, they will drink some.
If you’ve been drinking very little water, you’ll naturally go less often, but if you’re drinking a lot of water, it will cause the bladder to increase in urine, which immediately gives the cerebral cortex a feeling of going to the bathroom, so some people will suddenly increase their water intake and go to the bathroom more often.

  1. Bladder is too small

Drinking too much water doesn’t have to be a kidney problem, it could be that your bladder is too small, making it easier to produce urine.
And the time of urine will be very short, so some people will have the feeling of going to the toilet immediately after drinking water, this is a natural biological factor.

  1. Hold urine for a long time

Some people often hold in their urine when they are working or studying, so it will cause certain damage to our bladder. For a long time, the sensitivity of the bladder to urine will be reduced, and the effect on the kidney is also adverse.
Therefore, do not hold back urine in life. Once you feel like urinating, you should go to the toilet immediately to prevent the sensitivity of the bladder from being affected, otherwise it will bring certain harm to your bladder.

  1. Abnormal renal function

Our kidneys are relatively fragile organs. If we hold back urine for a long time or have some kidney problems, our cerebral cortex will become more sensitive to urine, leading to the illusion of going to the toilet once there is urine.

Two, the body appears these 2 symptoms, there may be a kidney problem, might as well know

  1. Foam in the urine

Many people observe bubbles in their urine, but they don’t last long.
If you notice that your foam does not return for a long time, it may be a problem with your kidneys.
Of course, kidney problems will also appear their memory decline, concentration decline and other phenomena.
You can go to the hospital for a long time to have a test to avoid serious problems with your kidneys.

  1. Urine volume changes

At night, our body’s metabolic capacity becomes very slow, so the number of times to go to the bathroom at night is usually around one or two.
But if you go to the bathroom more than three times at night, and you produce a lot more urine than you do during the day, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your kidneys.
At this time to cause their own enough attention, and to timely check their body other organs.

Conclusion: If you go to the toilet more times, don’t worry too much, it may be caused by too much water in your daily life.
Of course, do not be completely careless, pay attention to some small details, reduce their organs appear pathological changes.
In daily life, we need to drink more water, but we must not hold back the habit of urine, so help to protect their kidneys.

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