Eighty-five students from seven schools in Guangxi have been admitted to hospital with abdominal pain and vomiting after being diagnosed with norovirus

A total of 85 students from seven schools in Yizhou District, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, have been hospitalized for treatment after suffering abdominal pain and vomiting.
The Yizhou District Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Sunday that the students were confirmed to be infected with norovirus after sampling and testing results.
Yizhou district committee, district departments have formed a working group, rushed to the relevant schools to carry out the investigation and disposal work.

Media previously reported that last Thursday (21) night to Friday (22) night, Yizhou District Huaiyuan Middle School, Luoxi Middle School and other schools, one after another students need to be sent to hospital because of discomfort.
Parents reflect that the child’s illness is suspected of being related to eating in the school canteen.
Photos posted online showed a number of students being taken to hospital in ambulances and hospital beds placed in the corridors.

As of Sunday, state media reported that a total of 46 students from two middle schools in the district had been kept in hospital as of 6 PM Saturday.
The CDC sent medical personnel from the public health department and the disease control department to the site for sampling and testing, and confirmed that the student was infected with norovirus.

Norovirus is highly contagious and often causes acute gastroenteritis. It can be passed on through sharing cutlery. The virus can also remain in the area after vomiting.

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