Good news for diabetics, eat more than 4 kinds of “insulin” vegetables, and your blood sugar may drop slowly

Cold winter has in the past, the spring came to a period of time, also in this season of spring winter alternate, take good care of yourself, you must pay attention to preserve one’s health must eat on time exercise more at ordinary times, don’t give disease the opportunity, in the alternation of seasons, the skin is very dry, usually in addition to use some cosmetics, more attention should be paid to maintenance of your body, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water every day, to improve their immunity.
So, which fruits and vegetables to eat every day is better?
Good news for diabetics, eat more than 4 kinds of “insulin” vegetables, and your blood sugar may drop slowly.

With the gradual improvement of living conditions, there are more and more diabetic patients.
Many people have unhealthy eating and living habits in their daily lives, leading to chronic high blood sugar.
Long-term hyperglycemia can induce a variety of complications, such as common diabetes, thrombosis, serious heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc.
Therefore, we must control our blood sugar well in daily life, especially those with long-term high blood sugar.
You can eat 4 “insulin” vegetables and your blood sugar will slowly drop.
Let’s see!

First, bitter gourd

  1. Bitter melon is a common vegetable that contains a type of insulin.
    People with high blood sugar levels can often eat bitter melon to lower their blood sugar, but it’s worth noting that this food is only found in fresh bitter melon juice.
  2. Bitter gourd is rich in bitter gourd, known as “fat killer”.
    It reduces the intake of fats and polysaccharides, which in turn reduces the intake of blood sugar. It also cleans the blood vessels.
    It is an ideal food choice for patients with hyperglycemia.

(3) People with higher glucose production period have lower skin healing ability, while balsam pear contains active protein of quinine analogs and a large amount of vitamins, which can effectively improve human immunity and promote rapid skin wound healing.

Second, purslane

(1) Purslane consumption in daily life of hyperglycemic patients can effectively promote insulin secretion, help regulate the body’s glucose metabolism, and effectively reduce the blood glucose concentration of the body, so as to better maintain the stability of blood glucose level.

(2) Purslane also contains a certain amount of fatty acids, which can effectively inhibit the formation of serum cholesterol in the human body, and avoid the formation of blood viscosity and thrombosis caused by this substance. Therefore, regular consumption of purslane is very helpful for the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Third, kelp

(1) Kelp is a common food material, it contains a food fiber, called fucosan sulfate, can delay gastric emptiness, make food into the small intestine more slowly, reduce hunger, enhance satiety, so as to control blood sugar.

(2) Ribbon contains insulin-like polypeptides, which can play an insulin-like role. That is to say, proper consumption of Ribbon can effectively reduce blood sugar, which is very helpful for patients with hyperglycemia and diabetes.

(3) Kelp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively reduce blood viscosity, reduce arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. For people with high blood sugar, the incidence of these diseases will increase, so people with high blood sugar can eat more kelp at ordinary times, which is good for health.

Fourth, garlic

(1) Eating garlic regularly can effectively promote insulin secretion, and improve the body’s glucose tolerance, thus rapidly reducing blood sugar.
People with high blood sugar can usually eat more garlic.

(2) Garlic also contains a certain amount of sulfur compounds, which can effectively interfere with carcinogens, greatly reduce the probability of cancer invasion in patients with hyperglycemia, and effectively improve the immunity of patients with hyperglycemia.

(3) Garlic can also effectively dilate human blood vessels, reduce fat deposition in the blood, so as to effectively avoid blood viscosity caused by high blood sugar, so as to effectively avoid cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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