“Growth hormone” determines height, two periods of high growth hormone secretion, do not wake up the child

Many people have heard the phrase “18th female change”, of course, “18th male change” can also be used for boys.

Children’s appearance and body will change at different stages. When they are 10 years old, they will be the same as 4 years old, and 18 years old will be the same as 10 years old.

For babies, it is even the same day.

Many dads or moms have this experience. After a month, they return home on a business trip. The child who was still held in the hands of an adult can walk now, and he will be called “Father, Mom …”.

A person’s appearance, height, and even voice will change with age, some people become taller, and some people become more beautiful.

Of course, there will be bad things. Some people grow up and grow up, but they are not as cute as a child. The longer they are, the more ugly.

There are also some people who are much shorter than their peers, usually do not have less nutrition, the height of their parents is not bad, but the size of their children is unsatisfactory and unbelievable.

Xiaoming lived in Chaoyang District until he was 15 years old. The adults in the same building knew about his existence. Most people had embraced him and kissed him when he was very young. It stands to reason that Xiaoming should talk to these uncles and aunts. Very close.

However, for a long time, Xiaoming would deliberately avoid these familiar neighbors. Once at the elevator, an aunt on the 5th floor greeted him. He was sullen and kept silent. Everyone thinks that Xiaoming has changed his own.

Later, Xiao Ming’s parents also felt his strangeness slightly, and also felt puzzled. After many inquiries, they only knew the whole story.

It turned out that one day Xiaoming accidentally bumped into two aunts chatting downstairs. When talking about the height of the child, the topic slowly shifted to him.

“Look at Xiao Ming of the Liu family, we have seen big men since childhood, and now we are almost 20, why don’t we see a long one? The arms and legs are not the best time for a child’s puberty development now? Will it never be again? Not long? “

After learning the cause and effect of the incident, Xiao Ming’s parents thought for a long time.

They want to find out what is the problem? After all, the height of the two parents is among the parents of the same age. After asking the doctor, I finally found the problem.

Professional orthopedics doctors said that the “growth hormone” in the human body determines the height. The secretion of “growth hormone” is particularly strong from 11 o’clock in the evening to 6 o’clock in the morning. .

The main reason why Xiao Ming ’s height is too short compared to his peers is probably caused by staying up late for homework for a long time and not being able to sleep in the morning.

In the period of the most conducive to growth and development, the lack of good rest contributed to the fact that the current size is not high.

Therefore, parents should pay more attention, growth hormone “decides height, two periods of high growth hormone secretion, do not wake up the child.

Of course, in addition to grasping this point, what else can promote the growth of children’s height?

  1. Maintain an optimistic attitude

Many people feel very low self-esteem because of the height problem, can not lift their heads, do not have the enthusiasm to do things, the thought of height, sadness comes from the heart.

In fact, this is not necessary at all. No matter what kind of body shape you have, you can accept it calmly. After all, this is a matter that no one can decide. The important thing is the acquired mentality. It has a certain promoting effect, and it is also a favorable condition for the growth of the body.

  1. Get enough sleep

For adolescents, at least 8 hours of rest time per day, because adequate sleep plays a vital role in the physical development of adolescence, only in this way, hormones related to physical development can be secreted normally.

  1. Get more physical exercise the day after tomorrow

There are many factors that affect height, such as acquired physical exercise is one of them. Physical exercise can stimulate the body’s metabolism and promote the accelerated growth of bone tissue, such as playing basketball, swimming, dancing, skipping rope and other sports events will help height growth.

  1. Multiple vitamin supplements

Orthopedics experts point out that eating vitamin D can promote calcium absorption and help bone growth.

Children in adolescence can usually eat more foods with high calcium content such as eggs, fish, shrimp, ribs, etc. Try not to be picky eaters, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

  1. Get more sun

There are baby moms in the family. When the weather is warm, they often take their babies to sunbathe, increasing the chance of outdoor activities. Because the sun can promote the absorption of calcium and help the growth and development of children.

In addition, parents should pay attention to the changes in children ’s height at any time, preferably once every two months. If they find that there is no change in height compared with children of the same age, or even a large distance, they should go to the pediatric hospital as soon as possible Physician, find problems in time and make corresponding measures.

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