How much does inflammation harm liver?

How much does inflammation harm liver?
Do well in two aspects, or can “hepatitis” shut out.

On average, about one in 10 people around us has a liver problem.
It can be said that liver disease is a common problem that troubles health.

And “hepatitis” it is a kind in liver disease, can divide virus and blame virus two kinds.

Viral: mainly including “A, B, C, D, E, ji, Geng” and other 7 categories;
Non-viral: type that is mainly related to alcohol, fat, drugs, and some genetic immune factors.
It is because liver is bad there are so many kinds, modern talent has “nourishing the liver is to keep life” the saying.

The incidence of “non-viral hepatitis” continues to rise:

It has been found that more than 90 percent of cancers are related to inflammation.
It is not an exaggeration to say that inflammation is one step away from cancer.

At the same time, cancer weakens the health of the whole body obviously, and also affects the health and longevity.
If it comes to the last step, the damage to the body is great.

Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, every link has a very good prevention, or even blocking measures.

The statistics show that.
If hepatitis’s progression is stopped early, it can reduce the risk of cancer by 80 to 90 percent.
Therefore, the prevention of cancer, control of liver inflammation is also a key link.

5 Bad Habits that Can Lead to Liver Disease:

1, like to eat greasy, do not like sports:

The liver is the hub of fat delivery.
Eat too much greasy food, very easy to make fat deposition in the liver, resulting in fatty liver.

  1. Lack of sleep

Lack of insomnia, easy to harm the liver, the simplest nourishing the liver method, is bed rest, to ensure about 8 hours of sleep.

  1. Smoking and drinking:

The nicotine in tobacco, as well as the thousands of carcinogens in tobacco smoke, can damage the liver.
The prevalence of alcoholic liver diseases (including alcoholic liver, fatty liver, etc.) caused by alcohol is very high.

  1. Suppress irritability:

There are abundant sympathetic nerves in the liver, and anger and depression will directly cause liver cell ischemia, which will harm the recovery and reconstruction of cells.

  1. Take medicine at will:

The use of various drugs is very easy to cause drug interaction, damaging the hidden danger of the liver.

How to keep hepatitis out?

Early hepatitis patients are not very obvious symptoms, very easy to be ignored.
By the time we learned about it, it was already a serious case of “cirrhosis.”

As the disease deepens, hepatitis cannot be regulated if it cannot be treated early, and time is arranged for the virus.
It causes repeated long-term irritation and damage to the liver, which in turn speeds up the development of cancer.

1, pay attention to smoking alcohol: people who drink too much for a long time, easy to produce “alcohol liver”.
The original inflammation of the people, more prone to several diseases.
So experts warn that it is necessary for people with bad liver and inflammation to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Keep a regular sleep schedule, don’t stay up late, do more exercise, and eat some food to protect your liver.
For example: Kudzu kudzu wheat food leaven.

Pueraria contains a large amount of total flavonoids, which can improve the regeneration function of liver cells and promote the secretion of bile to restore normal liver function.

Umai is also called buckwheat, containing niacin ingredients can promote the metabolism of the body, enhance the ability of detoxification, and the liver is the main detoxification organs of the human body, eat umai to liver detoxification is helpful;

Warm reminder:

Liver, not verbal but hard-working.
It is clinically known that metabolic inflammation caused by diabetes, overweight, metabolic syndrome, and alcoholic liver disease caused by excessive drinking are on the rise.

Liver cells are vulnerable to damage if they are disrupted regularly.
In addition, keeping a regular sleep and rest schedule is very helpful to protect the liver.

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