How scary Ebola is

Ebola is a very rare virus. It was discovered in Africa in 1976. It is a very terrible virus with a fatality rate of 56% to 90%.
Ebola virus, biosafety level is 4 (AIDS is 3, SARS is 3, the higher the level of protection is stricter).
The incubation period of the virus can be two to 21 days, but it is usually only five to 10 days.
The main causes of death were stroke, myocardial infarction, hypovolemic shock or multiple organ failure.
Ebola is usually carried by bats, which are familiar, mouse-like creatures with fleshy wings that fly.
Bats, which usually forage at night, carry more than 180 viruses, such as AIDS, plague, foot-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease, rabies and SARS.
The reason bats carry so many viruses and don’t get sick is because they have a very special immune system that no other living creature has.

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