How strong are the mutated viruses?Thirty-two American states had fallen

Since the second half of last year, new crown variant viruses have been found around the world, which undoubtedly adds to the difficulties of epidemic prevention and control, and also poses a challenge to the production of new crown vaccine.
According to the on February 1, more than 103 million cases of the new crown had been confirmed worldwide as of 6 PM on February 2 Beijing time, and more than 2.24 million people had died from the new crown, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in the US.
At present, three new crown-variant viruses have spread to 77 countries and regions.
In a dispute between Britain and the European Union over vaccine supplies, experts in the United States have suggested a change in vaccination strategy.

According to overseas network citing American media report additionally, local time February 1, the United States disease control center says, the United States has at least 32 states appear to come from the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa respectively mutation novel coronavirus.
Rochelle Valensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the dangerous variant Novel Coronavirus remains a concern, the report said.
Maryland officials have just reported the first case of a variant novel coronavirus from South Africa. So far, all three variants from the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa have circulated in the United States.

For mutation in up in the United States, the United States special pathogens Boston medical center, medical director of budd nasheed in in an interview with reporters said recently, with the variation will be coronavirus in the United States, the new crown infections will continue to increase, he thinks, might see more cases of infection in February, march, there may be more hospitalizations and deaths.

For new crown variation virus across the world, China is also in the whole attention, recently, to be held in guangzhou “power at the grass-roots level the epidemic wan lixing” the activity, zhong academician of view of the new champions league strains, zhong said, for will be coronavirus variation, the first is to closely track, the second is to observe the vaccine is effective.
Zhong Nanshan said that now the most critical mutation of the virus, occurred in the spiking protein receptor binding site, “this is easy to make the virus infection of the human ‘door’ hit more open, the virus is easy to invade the body to cause disease, this is the novel coronavirus infectious become stronger reason”.
Zhong also stressed that we should not only track the mutated virus, but also consider which strain of the virus to use as a vaccine after the mutation, which will be of great significance to future epidemic prevention and control work.

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