How to evaluate the effect of growth hormone injection

At present, many organizations have promoted the growth hormone growth project, focusing on supplementing the growth hormone required in the body, and attracting customers to grow hormones. The friend who did not understand growth hormone also decisively chose this method, but when the counter-effect appeared, he realized that the growth hormone growth rate is not the best method.

Growth hormone use by population

Many people think that hormones can grow taller, some small clinics, small clinics in order to seek benefits, even without any examination, the hormones are given to those who come to the clinic. In response to this practice, experts say: growth hormone is only suitable for short stature caused by lack of growth hormone, if not because of the lack of growth hormone caused by short stature, the growth hormone does not increase any effect, it will The human body causes serious harm.

Growth hormone poses a high risk of contracting deadly diseases such as AIDS, and excessive use of growth hormone can reduce insulin sensitivity and cause intolerance to glucose. Excessive use of exogenous growth hormone can also cause the body to produce an antibody response to growth hormone, thereby affecting the activity of endogenous growth hormone and causing hormone secretion disorders. According to foreign reports, 80% of growth hormone users have diabetes and need insulin treatment. Other side effects include menstrual disorders, loss of libido, and impotence. Even if it is short due to lack of growth hormone, it must be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Growth hormone should be used with caution, and injection of jintropin growth hormone has certain side effects:

(1) The redness and swelling of the injection site is often related to allergies or product purity, but it may also be caused by local infection due to insufficiency of aseptic operation;

(2) Atrophy of the injection site is often associated with repeated injections of the same site.

Systemic side effects: Systemic side effects are further divided into side effects that promote growth and promote the development of underlying disease or other abnormalities.

Growth hormone side effects often occur in large doses for long-term use. If there is no such side effect, it is recommended to stop the growth hormone now. If the above side effects have occurred, you should see a doctor at a professional Changgao hospital.

Long height, the choice method is very important

Any person’s height and height are completed before the bones are fully closed. Once the skeleton is closed, the human body cannot grow naturally. Usually, the time for adolescents to close the epiphysis is usually around 18 years old. However, in recent years, as the precocious puberty of adolescents is more and more common, the average epiphyseal closure time has begun to advance. Clinically, many adolescents have been found at 16 and 14 years old. Even the 12-year-old bones began to close. Therefore, as children grow, they must seize the opportunity.

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