Iranian people mistakenly believe that drinking methanol to resist virus, more than 5,000 people poisoned 700 people died

Euronet, April 28th, the European Union quoted Al Jazeera reported that Iranian government officials have pointed out that since February 20, at least 728 people have died by accidentally drinking toxic methanol, and 5011 people have been poisoned. They thought they could fight the new coronavirus.

The Iranian people mistakenly believe in drinking methanol to fight the virus.

According to reports, according to a government report released in early April, 66 people died in Iran last year due to alcoholism. Iranian forensic authorities said that 728 people had been killed in alcohol poisoning between February 20 and April 7 this year.

Iran prohibits alcohol and can only obtain private wine if it wants to drink alcohol. The government requires methanol plants to add artificial colors to their products to differentiate them from medical ethanol.

The Iranian State Television reported that Kianush Jahanpur, a spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Health, said that since February 20, 5011 people have been poisoned by accidentally drinking toxic methanol, and 525 of them died. About 90 people are blind or have eye damage.

Hossein Hassanian, an adviser to the Iranian Ministry of Health, said that the difference between the two figures is because about 200 people were not killed in hospitals. He said that the total number of blindness may eventually be more.

Under the sanctions of the United States, Iran, which is under heavy economic pressure, is currently the Middle East country most severely affected by the new coronary pneumonia. The cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached 9 1472 cases and 5,806 deaths.

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