Israel, Austria and Denmark have launched a joint initiative for the Novel Coronavirus vaccine

Israel, Austria and Denmark plan to collaborate on the Novel Coronavirus vaccine to prevent future mutations, announced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Austrian Prime Minister Kurz and Danish Prime Minister Fredricksen in Jerusalem on March 4, local time.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that it is necessary for us to develop the novel Coronavirus vaccine for the future as soon as possible. The joint investment in the development of the novel Coronavirus vaccine shows our mutual respect and trust.
We all agreed to welcome other countries to join us.

Danish Prime Minister Sven Fredricksen said the starting point for the three countries’ joint project is high because all three countries have highly developed bioscience industries.
We can work together to bring our knowledge together to ensure a better and more reliable Novel Coronavirus vaccine.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz said the COVID-19 epidemic can only be defeated through global cooperation.
The novel coronavirus vaccine will help us get back to normal life this summer, but we must be prepared for the next phase of a possible novel coronavirus pandemic.

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