Maliciously ignoring the nature of the virus is undesirable

As the covid-19 epidemic continues to spread around the world and the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, it should be a time for all countries to work together to fight the epidemic. However, some western politicians in the United States do not focus only on fighting the epidemic, but find various ways to “throw the can”.For example, the hype “novel coronavirus is leaked from wuhan virus research institute”.

Novel coronavirus is avirus that does not recognize borders or RACES.Global cooperation against the virus does not guarantee victory in the short term, much less under the influence of political calculation, prejudice, rumors and “pot shaking” tactics.These fallacies with ulterior motives ignore the nature of the virus, mislead the public and undermine international cooperation in fighting the pandemic.Therefore, it is necessary for us to return to the essence of the virus, that is, all countries and all peoples under the epidemic are victims.

Two basic facts cannot be ignored.First, the spread of the virus knows no borders. The success of prevention and control in one country depends on the control of the epidemic in other countries.At present, the situation of the “epicenter” of the epidemic in North America remains unchanged, and the epidemic situation is still not optimistic.Second, the destructive power of the virus is not limited to people’s lives and health, but a comprehensive impact on human economic and social life.Epidemic prevention tests almost all the governance capacity of a country, including public health governance.Many countries are seeking a balance between epidemic prevention and control and economic protection and job security.

The impact of the epidemic on human society is all-dimensional, and all countries are victims.Under the impact of the epidemic, countries have exposed some of their own problems.To save lives, countries struggling with the epidemic are generally faced with inadequate testing and treatment.Countries with a slowing epidemic will face sluggish demand and insufficient supply if they want to resume production.

Only when all countries are free from the threat of the virus can the risk of large-scale infection be eliminated and a country ensure its own security.Only when all countries return to normal social and economic conditions can global demand be restored and boosted, global market can be complete and active, and a country can obtain favorable external market, production and supply, transportation and logistics conditions for economic recovery.

As for “novel coronavirus wuhan virus research institute leakage”, it is purely out of ulterior motives.

The epidemic is a natural disaster.The origin of novel coronavirus is a scientific question that should be answered by the scientific community, not by the media or by politicians.

Who has repeatedly publicly declared that scientific traceability has not been completed, and the origin of the novel coronavirus remains unclear.The theory of novel coronavirus has been refuted many times by the scientific community.

In a statement published in the British medical journal the lancet in February, scientists performed a genome-wide analysis of novel coronavirus and found that the virus originated in a wild animal.

In a paper published in nature medicine in March, a team of researchers from the Scripps research institute, Columbia University, tulane university, the university of Edinburgh and the university of Sydney, Australia, said the scientific evidence showed that novel coronavirus was the product of natural evolution and was not synthesized in a laboratory.

Us infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony fauci said in a media interview on May 4 that there is enough evidence to show that the virus causing the covid-19 outbreak did not come from a Chinese laboratory.

Respecting scientific research and quoting scientific advice is the objective basis for judging the facts.Ignoring science and evidence, and spreading and fabricating unsubstantiated or even totally false statements without any intention is not a responsible attitude in the face of the pandemic, but a true intention to shirk responsibility and confuse the public.In connection with the recently published 57-page red book of republican guidelines on China, the republican party is determined to turn the topic of covid-19, which is not good for the republican party, into blaming China.It is obvious that political calculation and party interests are deliberately or even maliciously influencing public opinion on the epidemic, and the objective facts are in danger of being covered up or even distorted.

The disease was fierce, and the whole world was cold and hot.In the face of covid-19, countries are paying a heavy price.The development of the epidemic has proved time and again that the fight against the epidemic is a protracted war for all mankind.Very challenging, very cooperative, very determined.In the end, it is not sustainable to fight alone. Shifting blame only increases the obstacles to cooperation. Only by working together can countries overcome the virus.

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