New coronavirus self test products on the market!

March 8 news, according to media reports, the new coronavirus self-test products in German supermarkets on sale.
According to the report, the new coronavirus self-test products were snapped up by German citizens a few hours after they came into the market. Correspondingly, on the day the new coronavirus self-test products came into the market, the number of visits to the supermarket website increased sharply.
This self-test product allows consumers to take nasal swab samples at home, and the results can be obtained within 15 minutes.
However, experts remind that the reliability of self-test products is low, so we should choose a more scientific method to detect whether we are infected with the new coronavirus.
At present, the detection of New Coronavirus is mainly based on sputum, throat swab or lower respiratory tract secretions of patients, and can also be used for nucleic acid detection of New Coronavirus. No matter which one, as long as it is positive, it can be definitely diagnosed as the disease.
In addition, if people have symptoms such as fever, weakness of limbs, dry cough, stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, diarrhea and pneumonia, they should seek medical treatment in time for scientific detection.

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