New virus kills far more people than covid, experts say will harm the world…

The alarm goes off! The death rate of the new virus is far higher than that of the new one As we all know, the new coronavirus is the primary killer threatening human health. More than 110 million people around the world have been infected with the virus, and more than 2.4 million people have died as a result. We thought that the virus problem was frightening enough, but we did not expect that health experts issued another warning. According to foreign media reports on February 22, a super virus named Nipah virus may become a new virus threatening the world. In 1991, this virus was first found in a pigsty in Malaysia. Because the virus can be transmitted through animal feces, in order to avoid further expansion of the scope of infection, the local health department decided to cull millions of pigs infected around.
It is worth mentioning that the death rate of Nipah virus is much higher than that of the new coronavirus, even up to 75%, while the new coronavirus has only 1%. In addition, the incubation period of the virus is about 45 days. You should know that the incubation period of the new coronavirus is about 14 days. The longer the incubation period, the more people will be infected during this period. Therefore, experts are absolutely cautious about Nipah virus. What’s worse is that the mutation rate of Nipah virus is very high, which is very difficult for detection and treatment. At present, there is no targeted vaccine.
Fortunately, Nipah virus has not been widely spread in the world. Famous virus expert Dr. Rebecca Dachi predicted that Nipah virus is likely to become the next super virus endangering all human beings. Once this virus, which is more terrible than the new coronavirus, spreads in the world, it will inevitably cause very terrible consequences. All this is related to the continuous expansion of human beings In the past, we held absolute awe of nature, but now we break through the boundary between man and nature under the influence of curiosity.
Before, we never thought pangolins and bats were edible animals, but some people, in order to satisfy their appetite for a moment, let these animals that should have lived in nature on the dinner table. You know, wild animals carry a large number of unknown viruses. Ordinary cooking can’t completely kill the virus! I believe you also have a certain understanding of plague. Not long ago, two famous Mongolian dramas suffered from plague due to predation of Marmota, which eventually led to their death. It can be seen that the pursuit of game is likely to become their own “life Charms”.
Nipah virus or new coronavirus will have a great impact on human society. After a year of anti epidemic war, we are still unable to defeat the virus. Health experts even predict that the new coronavirus may become a long-standing infectious virus and cannot be completely eliminated! The risk factor of Nipah virus is much higher than that of Xinguan. Once a large-scale outbreak occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. We must be fully prepared to prevent irreparable consequences.

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