Novel Coronavirus has mutated again! Nucleic acid testing is dangerous

Novel coronavirus mutations continue to appear around the world, challenging the effectiveness of new crown vaccines and even potentially rendering traditional nucleic acid tests ineffective.

According to media reports, recently, Finnish capital Helsinki Vita laboratory researchers have discovered a new variant novel coronavirus, which may not be detected by the way of nucleic acid testing.

The new variant, named “FIN-796H,” is both partially similar to and a “unique” hybrid of the novel coronavirus variant previously found in the United Kingdom and South Africa. It is not as expected, nor is it similar in gene expression to any other known variant.

Because it has just been discovered, its infectivity, vaccine resistance is not clear.

The researchers note that the mutation is unlikely to have evolved in Finland because of the relatively low infection rate of Covid-19 in the country, but there are no clues as to where it came from.

Recently in Britain, Japan, also discovered a new novel coronavirus variation in succession, among them the Japanese discovery of poison may weaken the immune effect, but infection did not enhance, the British without evidence to show that pathogenic sex, infectious stronger.

The good news, of course, is that a study by a Brazilian research institute showed that a new coronavirus vaccine developed by Sinovac, a Chinese company, was effective against two variants of novel coronavirus from Britain and South Africa.

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