Novel Coronavirus mutant disease control has been challenged again in many places in the United States

While the number of new cases of CoviD-19 confirmed in a single day in the United States has declined, the emergence of novel Coronavirus variants in several states has presented new challenges for the United States to control the epidemic.

Researchers at Columbia University and the California Institute of Technology recently reported separately that a new novel coronavirus mutant strain is spreading rapidly in New York City, according to multiple US media reports.
The mutant strain is said to be able to evade the body’s natural immune response, potentially affecting the effectiveness of existing new crown vaccines.

Another study suggested that a variant of novel coronavirus, which has been raging in California, could be “more infectious and more deadly.”

The mutated strain found in New York could affect the effectiveness of the vaccine

The novel coronavirus variant that has spread rapidly in New York, named B.1.526, first appeared in samples taken from New York City in November.
From late December to mid-February, the researchers said, the detection rate of the mutated strain had been on the rise.
In particular, it has risen to 12.7 percent in the past two weeks, “a cause for alarm,” he said.
The number of people infected with the mutated strain is now surging, not only in neighborhoods around New York City but also “scattered throughout the northeastern United States.”

The researchers said the mutated strain that is spreading rapidly in New York “bears similarities” to those found in South Africa and Brazil, respectively, in that both have an E484K mutation in the spikes protein, which leads to a degree of resistance to vaccines.

The mutated strain found in California could be more transmissible and deadly

Separately, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and a San Francisco-based nonprofit group reported that a mutant strain of Novel coronavirus previously found in California may be more infectious and deadly.
Researchers will be the variation of the strains in b. 1.427 and 1.429, b. although the mutant strains at present has not been clearly defined the us center for disease control, but the researchers point out that the mutation strain alarming, data showed that its have stronger infectivity, are more likely to cause severe symptoms, but also against part of neutralizing antibodies, by its development for patients with severe infection, or even higher risk of death.

The researchers report that the mutant strain was not yet found in the September samples;
By November, 16 per cent of genetic sequencing of positive samples contained the mutant strain;
By the end of January, the mutant strain had made up a staggering 53 percent.

There have been nearly 2,000 cases of the novel Coronavirus variant in the United States

Nearly 2000 cases of the novel variant coronavirus have been reported in the US as of Wednesday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
A novel coronavirus variant discovered in the UK could become the leading novel coronavirus variant in the US by March, according to a study released by the centre.

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