Pay attention to these home health tips


Home is not about size, but about warmth. The soul is not in distance, but in communication. Home is life.

Home can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, air pollution, worldliness, close the door, this is your home. There are always some unobtrusive small details in home life that will unconsciously affect the health of the inhabitant. A warm home must have a healthy home and a healthy life, then a healthy home that should be noted in life Little common sense is also crucial.

Today, let’s pay attention to the common sense of home health, life, and family health!

living room


Home Health Tips 1

Furniture deworming

Worm furniture, painted with peppercorns. For wood furniture that has been moth-eaten, sharp peppers or peppers can be pounded into the holes, and then plugged into the holes of the moths, and then smeared with paraffin oil to remove the insects for 10 consecutive days.


Home Health Tips 2

There should not be too many plants in the house

It is not advisable to place too many plants indoors: in addition to photosynthesis, plants must also breathe, that is, inhale oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. If there are too many indoor plants, it will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Especially in the evening, the photosynthesis of plants is mostly inhibited, but the respiration is very strong, forming a situation of competing with people for oxygen, making the indoor carbon dioxide concentration higher, affecting people’s health. Too much will destroy the overall sense of the environment, not only difficult to regulate the mood, but also cause visual fatigue, so there should be fewer plants in the room.


Home Health Tips 3

Household tiles are too bright and easily hurt your eyes

Household tiles are too bright to hurt the eyes. White, metallic tiles have strong reflections, which may cause myopia and cataracts, and are not suitable for large-scale use. When decorating, choose matt bricks.



Home Health Tips 4

Decorate the room and use less oil painting

After many new homes have been renovated in modern times, people like to choose painting decoration. Compared with traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, the decoration of oil painting is very harmful. Oil paint contains a certain amount of soluble antimony, arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, and selenium. Such elements, if over-ingested by the body, can be harmful to health.


Home Health Tips 5

Good curtains have good sleep

Many people choose their favorite colors and styles when choosing curtains, often ignoring its functionality. Choosing the right curtain is very helpful to our sleep. The curtains of flocked fabrics are thicker, with good sound absorption and shading effects; the use of red and black curtains helps to fall asleep as soon as possible.



Home Health Tips 6


Sprinkle some yam water at the sewer entrance, mix some fresh orange peel in the flower pot, put a packet of dried tea leaves in the closet and drawer, put a little vinegar in the wok, heat and evaporate, you can remove the odor.


Home Health Tips 7

Keep the kitchen ventilated

When using the kitchen, pay attention to maintaining ventilation at all times. Even if there is a cooker hood, you must open the window. Although the cooker hood can remove the smoke, it cannot remove the exhaust gas generated by the gas combustion. This kind of gas is more harmful to the human body. .



Home Health Tips 8

All tempered glass for shower room

In the shower room, all tempered glass is safe to use semi-tempered glass or hot-bent glass. It may burst when using hot water in winter or cold water in summer, and the safety of tempered glass is higher.


Home Health Tips 9

Too easy to get sick in the bathroom

The bathroom is too humid to get sick. A wet toilet can easily breed and multiply fungi and induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, the wet pier cloth should be dried before putting it in the bathroom; keep the sewer open; open the exhaust fan frequently.


Home Health Tips 10

Floor drain selected stainless steel

Choose floor drain, stainless steel is good. The surface of cast iron and cast copper floor drain is rough and easy to rust, and the drainage volume is small, the flow rate is slow; PVC floor drain has poor anti-aging performance and is easy to deform when cold or hot.

In home life, there are many unseen, harmful things that cause various problems to our body always attack us. How to protect yourself in the complicated home life, you need to know more about the health knowledge of home life. Have you remembered the above common sense?

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