Rubio dare not talk nonsense about the origin of the virus

In the case of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the US government has repeatedly advocated the source of the “Wuhan laboratory”, which is intended to promote “investigation”. But the famous “Anti China Pioneer”, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, dare not talk nonsense on this issue.
On May 12, in an interview with Axios, an American Short News website, Rubio said there was not enough evidence to prove that the new coronavirus originated in Chinese laboratories.
Screenshot of Axios Report
Rubio first said that as a member of the intelligence committee, he could see a lot of things, and he “did not see the information to prove that the virus is man-made.” He then added that he thought it might have originated from a laboratory accident in China, but he immediately stressed that he could not prove that.
“I don’t rule out the possibility of a lab accident, nor do some experts.” He said, “but I can’t prove it, and no one can. Because we don’t have enough information to prove or disprove that
Screenshot of Axios interview with Rubio
But that doesn’t mean that Rubio has taken a considerable stand on the epidemic, which he claimed at the end of March was “due to China’s concealment of data, the epidemic spread faster and more widely”.
Previously, the U.S. government continued to advocate the source of the epidemic to try to “throw the pot”. On April 30, President trump said he was highly convinced that the virus originated from a lab accident in Wuhan. Secretary of state Peng Peio said on May 3 that he had “a lot of evidence” that the virus originated in Wuhan laboratory, but he did not produce the so-called “evidence”, and on June 6 he changed his oral name to “not sure”.
Who has refuted the idea that the virus originated in the laboratory many times, and expressed its conviction that the virus came from nature at a conference on May 1.
Hua Chunying, spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, said at a press conference on the issue of virus source investigation on July 7 that we support the review and summary of the epidemic at an appropriate time. As long as it is conducive to better human response to such major infectious diseases in the future, China will make due efforts and contributions in a highly responsible manner. What China opposes is that the United States and other individual countries are trying to politicize the problem of virus tracing and can’t wait to carry out an “international investigation” of “presumption of guilt”.

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