Seven issues that parents are most concerned about

1、 Does inject growth hormone to oneself secrete to have effect?
Answer: it will not affect. The secretion of growth hormone is related to the growth axis of hypothalamus pituitary. The replacement therapy of growth hormone will not affect its secretion.
2、 Growth hormone is “hormone”, is it harmful to children?
A: there is no harm. As we all know, “hormone” generally refers to glucocorticoid, or sex hormone. Although growth hormone is also called “hormone”, it is totally different from glucocorticoid and sex hormone in origin, chemical structure, physiology and pharmacology, and it will not produce glucocorticoid or sex hormone like side effects. The combination of drugs can not only grow high, but also promote protein synthesis and accelerate fat decomposition.
3、 Does growth hormone make you fat?
A: it will not cause children to gain weight. The reason for children’s weight gain may be due to excessive food intake. In the process of using growth hormone, we need to improve nutrition due to height gain, but we also need to urge children to exercise properly while improving nutrition, so as to ensure children’s height gain and prevent children’s weight gain.
4、 Does the girl use growth hormone to treat, can cause sterility?
A: growth hormone does not cause infertility. On the contrary, there are also relevant medical studies that have confirmed that growth hormone can be used for the treatment of certain infertility.
5、 Can growth hormone cause diabetes?
A: it will not cause diabetes. In the process of using growth hormone, it may cause transient hyperglycemia, which usually returns to normal with the prolongation of medication time or after discontinuation of medication. However, patients with a family history of diabetes need to be highly cautious. Before treatment, they need to do a blood glucose test. During the use process, they also need to do a good job in blood glucose monitoring.
6、 Does growth hormone lead to precocious puberty? Does it lead to early puberty?
Answer: sex hormone is to promote sexual development. The purpose of growth hormone is to promote the linear growth of epiphysis. So it doesn’t lead to precocious puberty or early puberty.
7、 How to choose growth hormone more economical?
A: of course, it’s also an important thing to choose growth hormone drugs. We also need to choose the ones with better quality and price while ensuring the drug resistance. At present, ansumeng growth hormone powder of Anke biology in China is the most active growth hormone powder in China. Its molecular structure is completely consistent with the spatial conformation of natural growth hormone molecules secreted by human body, and it does not contain preservatives; Using secretory expression technology, high production efficiency, obvious price advantage, is a national new drug, national key new product.

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