Sexual harmony in marriage

I have been married for two years and three months, and my husband and I have always been very close.But occasionally there are a few days will quarrel, a lot of time is a trivial matter, I always blame my husband did not accommodate me, my husband also blame I have no reason to lose temper, in my view, each time has its own reasons, just think he does not understand me.

For a long time, I always paranoid, always afraid of my husband online chat will fall in love, he always chat away from me, really do not know what to talk about?I was trying to relieve myself of this bad mood, but it kept recurring.

In addition, my husband always opens some pornographic web pages to watch on the Internet, every time I was about to walk in he hurriedly shut down.I asked him, and he said it was something.But I feel sick all the time.I don’t know what to think.He was always indifferent.Doctor, what is the nature of a condition like my husband’s?Could you analyze it for me?

Xishan: you have been married for two years and three months. From the perspective of time, you may have entered the bottleneck period of marriage for more than half a year.Judging from your fight over trifles, the freshness of the wedding has worn off.Judging from your worries and your husband’s behavior, your sexual satisfaction may have dropped considerably in the first year of marriage.

I hope that what I say will not make you feel offended or embarrassed, as a psychological counselor, limited to the conditions of online counseling, some words are more direct.

Sexual harmony is the foundation of a successful marriage.In marriage or love life, when people reach orgasm, their hearts will be completely dedicated and grateful for the passion, the door of the soul to each other is completely open and fully accepted.This passion will carry over into everyday life, keeping both partners close, accepting each other’s shortcomings and trusting each other completely.In fact, orgasm is the most important indicator of marital quality.

People in life are completely emotional animals, need endless orgasm to stimulate the vitality of life, burst of love for life.In many relationships, we see women complaining about men and men suffering because men tend to orgasm faster and appreciate women more.

But men’s active aggressiveness and women’s passive defensiveness lead to another kind of problem, that is, men don’t like specificity, and they are far more curious and free about sex than women.Men focus on many women, essentially focusing on the opposite sex rather than women;Women focus on the opposite sex, but most lock their men.

Your problem is probably not having a good sex life.This is usually the case at this stage.Spend more time with him and communicate with him, and he will talk less online.He see yellow website, you will continuously ask him questions about sexual knowledge, he opened the yellow web site, please search this knowledge (usually very few, in addition to stimulate almost no meaningful knowledge, you can be made clear that he looked uncomfortable), to transfer his excited central, this is a way of intellectualization of defence.

He’ll soon give up on porn and turn his attention to you.You can sneak in a few books on vasculitis yourself and learn some techniques to control a man so he can feel the sweetness of your orgasm first.Then soft talk to persuade him to give up browsing pornographic websites.

Occasionally looking at porn sites, the cathartic restlessness of masturbation, like the use of opium for a cold, is effective and permissible.Widowers can be forgiven for having one or two E – night stands.

But the dire consequences of spending too much time on porn sites can be a loss of normal libido and a decline in physiology!This is the same reason as excessive masturbation!And long time infatuation net chat is bound to lead to aphasia and autism in real life!People who obsess over E – night stands lose the ability to love and be responsible!In order to live a better life, the sexual curiosity of men has to be limited, if the husband deviates from the path of the wife to use the feminine gentleness

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