The 28-year-old woman who lost the battle to Xinguan urged people to be careful of the virus before dying

A talented singer who died at the age of 28 from Covid-19 has made a desperate last appeal from his hospital bed, urging people to “watch out for the virus” and “stay safe”, British media reported.

Kyanna Sutton, 28, struggled to breathe during a 16-day illness, first on oxygen and then on a ventilator, before her distraught mother, Kirstie, allowed doctors to turn her off life support.

Kirsty said: ‘When they turned off the machine, I touched Keanna’s nose and eyebrows, just like I did when she was a baby.
I was just trying to put her to sleep.”

Keiana’s asthma becomes severe before and after photos

“I told her: I love you, love you more, love you so much, I said it first this time.
That’s what mother and daughter used to tell each other.
I still can’t believe she’s gone.”

During her illness, Keanna wrote on Facebook about her battle with the virus, saying she was determined to beat it.
Three days after being admitted to hospital on January 2, she said online: “I can barely move, I can’t breathe at all, I just try to squeeze out sentences, sentence by sentence.”

“I sleep and I wake and I sleep, but my breathing always wakes me up.
It felt like someone was stepping on my chest and back.
It feels like my body is going backwards — I guess things are going to get worse before they get better.”

Infected new crown in the bed of kaiana

“The feeling is so real.
The ward I was in was full, with six nurses and carers, but with more than 36 patients, they were overwhelmed.
So stay safe, everyone. I was a healthy girl, but look what I’ve become.”

Keanna, who normally sings in the Norwich Community Choir, has been defending herself against the Novel Coronavirus since last March, her mother, Kirsty, 48, told the media.

She had suffered from brittle asthma, a rare and severe form of asthma, since she was a child, but the condition worsened over the past two years and she began to rely on steroids, which led to her weight gain.


Some time ago, when Keanna was admitted to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital after an asthma attack, she tested positive for Covid-19.

That prompted Kosti to get tested, which also came back positive.
But Keanna’s condition progressed more quickly, and she was first put on an oxygen mask and then on a ventilator.
But she can still send messages to friends from her hospital bed.

“Come on, let’s find strength and love together and fight (against the virus),” she wrote in her last letter, on January 12.
Three days later, she was put on life support.

Keanna and her mother Kirsty (left)

“I couldn’t see Keanna in the hospital because I, too, was infected with Novel Coronavirus and wasn’t allowed to go into her room, but she would video chat with me,” Kirsty said.

“The last time we spoke, just before she took a full breath, she asked me, ‘Mom, honestly, do I look any better?
I joked that she needed a shampoo, and that was the last time we talked.”

The day after Kirsty’s quarantine passed, doctors called her to the hospital and told her there was nothing they could do for Keanna.

“I was distraught,” she said.
My sister Allison came to the hospital because by this time Martin (Kianna’s stepfather) was also infected with Novel Coronavirus.
Alison was holding one of Keanna’s hands and I was holding her other.”

“I remember a loving doctor putting his hand on Alison’s.
When I saw his wedding ring, I was thinking, this poor doctor has to go home and tell his wife I’ve lost another patient today.”

“When they turned off the life support machine, everything was quiet.
Keana didn’t even try to breathe on her own in the end. She just left us. ‘

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