The French government has called for urgent action after the French pharmaceutical giant said the coronavirus vaccine would be given priority to the United States

French pharmaceutical executives said in an interview with us media on May 13 that if a covid-19 vaccine is developed, it will be supplied to the United States first.The statement was met with scepticism in France.

“The U.S. government has the right to get the largest order because it has invested at its own risk,” Paul Hudson, chief executive of French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, told bloomberg on May 13.

Hudson’s comments about prioritizing vaccine supplies to the United States immediately raised questions.Agnes Pannier Runacher, the French secretary of state for economic affairs, said it was unacceptable that sanofi had given priority to the us for the covid-19 vaccine, the guardian reported.

Agnes Pannier Runacher, head of sanofi France, said: “sanofi’s comments yesterday were against common sense and they have been explained to us and corrected. For us, it is not acceptable for another country to have priority. The head of sanofi France has confirmed to me that the vaccine will be made available to all, otherwise we cannot accept it.”

“Vaccines are a global public interest and their access must be fair and accessible to all,” Stefan DE Keersmaecker, a spokesman for the European commission, said, according to Reuters.

Sanofi, based in Paris, is the world’s fifth-largest pharmaceutical company.Sanofi, whose Pasteur division has extensive experience in producing flu vaccines, in April teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline, a British rival, to develop a vaccine, with financial support from BARDA, the us department of health’s biomedical advanced research and development agency.

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