The growth hormone is secreted so that the child can grow up quickly. Parents need to raise it

The reason why spring and summer is a golden season is because there is a certain scientific basis. Chinese medicine talks about “spring and summer”, and scientific research also shows that the fastest period of time in a year is spring and summer, so parents must help the baby grow tall during this period. Although most of the children ’s height is inherited from their parents, a small part of the height is grown by acquired flexibility. If the parents are raised, the child ’s height can be channelled. If the parents are not raised, the child ’s height may be delayed. .

If the child wants to grow up, it is very important to seize the golden period of growth hormone secretion. After investigation, the child is conducive to the secretion of growth hormone during sleep, diet, and exercise, so parents should take care of it. It prevents the child from growing tall.

When the growth hormone is most secreted

When the baby was born, he not only ate more but also slept more. During this period, the child grew up very fast, and he often had to change the baby’s clothes in large sizes after a while. After investigation, it is shown that when the baby is in deep sleep, the growth hormone secretion in the body is the most, so parents must protect their children’s sleep. Mosquitoes are raging in spring and summer. In order to avoid children being bitten by mosquitoes at night, it is recommended that parents install mosquito nets on the baby’s bed.

Children only benefit from the secretion of growth hormone during deep sleep, so parents should not disturb the child’s sleep. If the baby is at night and refuses to sleep, the mother can arrange a good sleeping environment for the child. Installing a mosquito net can ensure that the child has a quiet environment with low light. In addition, the child can play some white noise so that the baby can sleep more quickly In the dream, quickly “germinated” grew up.

Eating like this will make the baby grow longer

In spring and summer, the baby grows fast, so the child is rich in calcium in three meals a day to help the baby’s bone development at all times. Such as dairy products and fish are rich in calcium; in addition, parents should also add vitamin C to their children. Vitamin C can help the body to better absorb calcium, allowing children to eat more strawberries, kiwis, oranges in spring and summer , Is very helpful for children to grow up.

Staying at home is slow

If you want your child to grow up in spring and summer, parents must urge the child to move, and do n’t stay in the house. There is sunshine outdoors, which can help the child’s body to synthesize vitamin C which is beneficial to the body’s absorption of calcium; outdoors has fresh air, the child often moves the body outdoors, which helps the stretching and development of bone ligaments, so children who often exercise Don’t love being sick can grow taller.

What is your child’s favorite sport? Playing a mobile phone is not a sport.

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