The latest development of the mutated virus, scientists pessimistic: if it is real, the vaccine is probably useless

New coronavirus epidemic is raging, people all over the world are suffering from the ravages of the virus, although medical researchers in all countries are struggling to develop a vaccine, but no one has thought that novel coronavirus actually mutated.
Now that the mutated virus is on the move, and there have been cases in South Africa, scientists are very pessimistic, they say that if the mutated virus is real, the vaccine may not be useful.

New mutated viruses have emerged

As people and governments around the world struggle to fight the epidemic, many countries have finally managed to bring it under control for the time being. It is not in vain.
And the United States, China and other countries also have developed a vaccine against virus immune system, it will be for the people of the world well-being, we happy too early, however, it is not so easy as we imagine, virus development is very fast, there have been a mutant strain of a situation, if the mutation, so we have research and development of vaccine is likely to there is no use to the new virus, all efforts will likely be in vain.

The novel coronavirus has evolved into a new variant of the virus, which was discovered in South Africa after a major pandemic and many deaths.
As soon as the news broke, it spread around the world, and people reacted with shock.
In a short period of time, the virus has escalated, the virus spreads faster, as long as it infects one person, the people who come into contact with it will be infected, after all, there will be a moment when the mask will be taken off, the virus will come in and you will be infected quickly.

The novel coronavirus before this is good to the youth of resistance, can recover completely, although the middle old age with poor resistance and young child also can have the possibility of cure below the treatment of medical science, but this kind of mutation virus is not allowed to say, be unable to cure once infection is likely very.
And health workers have just discovered the new mutated virus and won’t be able to figure out how to deal with it so quickly.
Previous vaccines also took more than half a year to develop, and with this new virus, it will be even more difficult.

Escaping mutant virus

The scientists said the new variant, called “escape mutant” virus, would be very difficult to treat as long as people infected with the virus, the death rate is much higher than the new virus.
And the vaccine may not work for him. After all, the vaccine is targeted, once the virus mutates, the vaccine is likely to be ineffective, which will make medical workers headache.

The scientists were right. The runaway mutants are spreading fast, not just in South Africa. European countries like Britain have been caught off guard by the new mutants.
Originally common novel coronavirus has made people very headache, now there is a mutation, how can this be good.

The epidemic is out of control in countries around the world

Plus now foreign outbreak has not fully control, always repeatedly, many medical workers dedicated to fight the new epidemic, where there is time to study the new virus, only the government and people to assist medical workers, so scientists who study the virus can have time to study the new virus, whereas not intensify efforts to control the virus, then we are faced with the challenge will be more severe.

In the UK last year, a novel coronavirus mutation spread faster than a common one, infecting most people in London in just three months.
But the good news is that knowledge of the virus spreads quickly and does not make people sicker.

The epidemic in the United States is the most severe in the world, and it only became out of control because of the inaction of the Trump administration in the early stage.
Not only because of the government, the American people still do not wear masks, these are their own cause.
The whole world is worried about the epidemic in the United States because it is contagious and if the United States does not control the epidemic, the whole world is at risk.

It was thought to be confined to Western Europe, but Asian countries such as Japan have also started to show up with runaway mutants.
We should know that China is also in Asia. If we do not strengthen our defense work, it is very likely that our country will also be greatly harmed by the new virus again.
So we must pay great attention to it, the government must strengthen the propaganda efforts.
Even if China does not appear novel coronavirus, also must remember to travel mask, do a good job of protection.

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