The mutant novel coronavirus has just been discovered in the US

A novel variant known as coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the United States and has been linked to a spike in infections and deaths in the United States between November and December of last year, according to a report published a day earlier in a leading medical journal.
Most importantly, the mutated virus could invalidate the current rush to vaccinate.

Mutation novel coronavirus as a kind of innumerable new devil, is accelerating the harm of the United States and the world people’s life and health safety, also let the world’s only superpower the United States is facing a severe test!
This is not to be alarmist.
On February 11, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a high risk alert, saying that nearly 1,000 cases of the mutated infection had been detected in the United States.

That’s more than double what it was 10 days ago and more than five times what it was 20 days ago, not to mention countless other figures that haven’t been counted yet.

The novel coronavirus is showing a frightening trend of accelerating its spread, casting a shadow over the United States that is hard to dispel.
Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration chief Gottlieb warned that although we are speeding up vaccination nationwide, we are not getting it fast enough to contain the virus compared to the spread of the mutant novel coronavirus.

But the scariest thing about the novel coronavirus variant isn’t its speed of spread, but its potential to invalidate current vaccines.
South Africa’s Department of Disease Control and Prevention (DCDC) announced on February 7 that one million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine purchased earlier in the country were ineffective against the novel coronavirus variant, providing less than 10% protection against moderate and mild infections of the virus.

It’s worth noting that the AstraZeneca vaccine is currently the main vaccine being administered in the United States, and it’s unlikely that the CDC would have missed this.

Back in early February, the new head of America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, John Wallensky, warned that the “darkest” days of the epidemic lay ahead, as evidence mounted that the mutated strain was more lethal, could cause secondary infections and invalidate existing vaccines.
Everything possible must be done to reduce the infection rate from now on, he said.

The warnings of government officials and medical experts like Gottlieb and Walensky will be hard for many “liberal” Americans to listen to, and impossible for them to implement measures that would help reduce infection rates.
On February 9, at a hearing on Capitol Hill, Senator Rand Paul refused to wear a face mask when he entered the room.

Rand Paul, a self-serving politician, is a microcosm of America’s epidemic crisis.

Although the new crown outbreak has sustained outbreaks in the United States for more than a year, although the current domestic infection has also broke through 28 million, nearly 500000 cases of death cases, plus the variation will be coronavirus stitches already appeared, but selfish and an intellectual people still abound, and are pushing for the United States government in disregard for disease resistance on the path of the running of the far.

To this day, there is no consensus and consensus among Americans on the issue of wearing masks.
On February 11, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota all and part of their curfews were lifted.
With so many American politicians and citizens still so dismissive of the epidemic, the fight against it is far from bright.

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