The situation is critical! Nine more mutated viruses have been found…

The situation is critical!
Nine more mutated viruses have been found…
As of today, the world will be as high as 79.653 million cases, cases of the coronavirus deaths in 1.744 million, and the world will be coronavirus propagation speed accelerating, countries will be coronavirus situation is not optimistic, as is known to all, a total of seven continents, today, the seven continents have all fallen, even at the southernmost tip of the Antarctic has been infection.
Chilean authorities have quarantined military bases in The South American capital of Antarctica for treatment of a confirmed case, local media reported on December 25.

As of the time, according to official data show that Chile, Chile new confirmed cases of the total 593310 cases, 16303 deaths, although it is much lighter than some countries, but for the sparsely populated country Chile, this is to overload, and in the military base to detect the will after the coronavirus, has been cut off and the outside world, but communication between scientists from all over the world is not restricted, even for some daily supplies have also been suspended, the purpose is to ensure that researchers from new crown from country to country.

Value attention, after confirmed cases in Antarctica, the authorities have been carried out on the Antarctic penguins nucleic acid detection, want as much as possible to reduce will be coronavirus influence on Antarctica, “roof leak partial if rain”, however, in Antarctica has just been detected after infection, penguins have not test is completed, it again change.
According to relevant data of University of Magellan, in the Magellan district with the most serious virus from a Novel Coronavirus in Chile, 9 variant viruses of a novel Coronavirus were detected.

According to relevant reports, among the nine novel Coronavirus tested in southern Chile, even one novel Coronavirus has not been found in other countries in the world. Obviously, the only effective way to deal with coronavirus is novel coronavirus.
It is known that eleven COVID-19 vaccines have entered the third phase of clinical trials in the world, among which four are in China, which is obviously several times that of other countries. Meanwhile, the safety and efficacy of Chinese vaccines have been certified by millions of people, and none of them has had any problems.

It is true that The advantages of China’s vaccine have attracted the attention of all countries, and Chile is no exception. It is learned that the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine has successfully arrived in Chile, and vaccination process has begun. With the deepening of the global COVID-19 vaccine, 30,000 doses of vaccine are expected to be shipped to Chile one after another.
In addition, China’s vaccine has also received attention from 40 countries and reached cooperation with China on vaccines. Among them, the first batch of vaccines from Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia have been successfully delivered and have been officially tested.

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