The Spring Festival is approaching, what to do if the epidemic fluctuates

The temperature drops, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the epidemic fluctuates. Many travelers who plan to go home for the New Year have to change their plans and wait and see.

Every time I think about the topic of new coronary pneumonia, my heart is always a little heavy! The closer to the Spring Festival, the increase in the flow of people will increase the probability of infection. So far, there have been sporadic confirmed cases of infection in various regions. Take Hebei as an example. In the past few days, Hebei’s universities and colleges have hurriedly checked. The students of colleges and universities had their holidays ahead of schedule, and even the final exams were not held.

At the beginning of the outbreak in December 2019, the time of the outbreak this year was similar to that of last year. In cold winter, the temperature dropped and the low temperature prolonged the outdoor survival time of the new crown pneumonia virus. In addition, the Spring Festival was approaching and the crowd density increased. With the flow of people coming and going and the time the virus survives, the chance of infection has greatly increased.

We can find that this year we have not responded to the new crown pneumonia epidemic as hurriedly as last year. The main reason is that we prepared in advance and prepared a large number of disposable masks and N95 masks, protective clothing, disinfection and disinfection supplies. In 2009, the epidemic prevention and control has trained a large number of experienced epidemic prevention and control medical staff, and has a complete emergency system. Whenever a case of new coronary pneumonia infection occurs in some areas, a large number of materials and medical staff can be organized in a timely manner to conduct a full range of nucleic acid detection cases, track tracking, and greatly reduce the possibility of more infections!

Recently, we can also find that some areas have issued announcements to encourage migrant workers to celebrate the New Year locally, and some rural areas have communicated with migrant workers in advance, so that they can work abroad with peace of mind. stand by. Although the Spring Festival is approaching, people look forward to reunion with their families, but in the face of the epidemic, we must learn to measure that as the temperature drops, the probability of infection with new coronary pneumonia increases, and the probability of being infected by contacting so many people on the way home It is very large, and it also increases the difficulty of the government’s epidemic prevention and control. It is not a big event to spend a year outside in order to respond to the needs of epidemic prevention and control. After we have defeated the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, we can buy tickets and go home with peace of mind.

During the Spring Festival, you need to protect yourself in order to have a good Spring Festival.

  1. Wear a mask and don’t go to gathering places.

When you are away from home, remember to wear a mask in public. This is not only for your own protection, but also to protect others. In addition to the daily mask you wear, you should also keep a mask in your pocket for emergencies. The number of drinking and dinner parties will increase during the Spring Festival. If you do not participate in a larger dinner party, you can organize a small dinner party of three or four people during the Spring Festival. Do not go to densely populated commercial areas in public places, and take the initiative to wear masks on public transportation.

  1. Disinfect clothes and hands frequently.

When you come back to your home or dormitory, you must do a good job of washing and disinfecting your hands. When washing clothes daily, you can add clothing disinfectant to sterilization and disinfection. Personal mobile phones and watches should also be regularly disinfected and cleaned. .

  1. Try to avoid frozen products in direct contact.

Recently, we discovered from the news that the packaging of frozen products has been tested for the new crown pneumonia virus, and the survival time is very long. For personal health, try not to directly contact frozen products. Even if you buy frozen products, you must go to a compliant merchant. Buy, buy frozen products that have passed inspection and quarantine.

  1. Unless necessary, try not to go abroad.

Through the official data, we can see that the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic abroad is not very ideal compared with domestic ones. There are still a large number of people who are continuously infected by the new crown pneumonia virus. The death toll and the number of infections are constantly increasing. In countries with weaker economies, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is basically a mere formality, and the epidemic prevention and control work has not achieved good results. For their own health, they still try to stay in the country.

Regardless of high or low in the face of the epidemic, you and I are both so vulnerable. What we can do is to follow the arrangements of the state and the government, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, and cooperate with the medical staff in the nucleic acid testing, vaccination and other protection work, as long as It will be a matter of time before we are united and united, and we will defeat the new crown pneumonia virus. #Strict prevention of epidemic rebound#

Finally, I wish all my friends, the new year and the new year, the health of the family, the harmony and beauty of the family!

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