The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed: Human-to-human transmission of mutant viruses…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that: human-to-human transmission of the mutated virus… As of today, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States has reached 20.216 million, and the cumulative death toll has exceeded 350,000. At its peak, it can even reach 250,000 new cases per day. This is obviously a very terrible number. In addition to the horrifying cumulative and newly confirmed cases, the number of deaths in the United States in a single week is also very terrible. Zhou’s death toll will remain above 10,000. Regardless of whether it is diagnosed or the number of deaths, the United States has clearly become the real “world first”. However, even if the virus situation in the United States is so bad, the authorities have not taken effective protective measures.

As one of the world’s leading medical powers, the United States should have been the country with the most obvious advantage in this global health crisis. I didn’t expect “a good hand to play a sloppy hand”, and all this is due to Trump’s wise decision. If it weren’t for Trump’s inability to understand the priorities and reality, the new coronavirus in the United States would not be as serious as it is today. However, even when the United States is still facing a serious virus threat, according to foreign media reports on December 31, the first case of a mutated virus has appeared in the United States.

The report pointed out that on December 30, local time, Henry Walker, the head of the new crown of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the first case of mutated virus infection has been found in Colorado, and what is worse, the confirmed mutated virus infection Patients and have experienced travel and other behaviors, so Walker suspects that the mutant virus is very likely to have spread within the United States, and even human-to-human transmission has occurred, and over time, more Americans will be infected.

It is worth noting that the large number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the United States has overloaded the US medical system and hovered on the verge of collapse. Once a large number of mutated virus infections occur in the United States, it will inevitably bring to the US medical system. Come a devastating blow. Although the new coronavirus vaccine in the United States has entered the clinical trial stage, although the effectiveness is still in the past, the safety of the vaccine has become a big problem. Not only has serious side effects been exposed one after another, but there is no solution.

Just after Walker made the remarks that the mutant virus was spreading from person to person in the United States, American infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci and California Axis Governor Newsom also stated in an interview that Southern California has also had confirmed cases of the mutant virus, and Dr. Fauci said that although the mutated new coronavirus is more infectious, it is not deadly, and the emergence of a mutated virus in California is also expected. At the same time, as the mutated virus continues to spread in the United States, there will be more Americans are infected by it.

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