The world’s first human infection of this virus!Do not rule out human-to-human transmission in the future?

Seven people in Russia have been confirmed to be infected with the H5N8 bird flu virus, the first human case of the virus in the world, the head of the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection and Public Service, Maria Popova, said Wednesday.

Popova said the same day, last December, a farm in southern Russia outbreak of bird flu, Russian “vector” national science center experts, from the farm of the seven employees of the isolation of genetic material of bird flu virus.

“The Russian Federation has confirmed human cases of H5N8 virus,” Popova said. “Vector” experts at the National Science Center have isolated genetic material of H5N8 virus from seven employees of a farm.

“This is the first time the H5N8 bird flu virus has been found in humans in the world,” Popova said.
She also said that the Russian side has immediately taken necessary measures.
The seven infected people have mild symptoms and no human-to-human transmission has been detected, but the virus could mutate to cause human-to-human transmission in the future.

The H5N8 avian influenza virus, which is highly contagious among birds, has been reported to have killed a large number of domestic and wild birds in recent months.
But no human cases of the H5N8 strain of bird flu have been reported since the virus was first detected globally in 2014.

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