There are not enough vaccine bottles around the world!Or affect the promotion of covid-19 vaccine

With the novel coronavirus pandemic, as well as the introduction and mass production of vaccines in various countries, there will be a shortage of glass bottles for vaccines worldwide, which may affect the global promotion of covid-19 vaccine.

In other words, even if a covid-19 vaccine is developed, billions of people may not get it.

Currently, more than 100 teams around the world are racing to develop covid-19 vaccines, some of which have entered human trials.

Sarah gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, said the team was working to complete the vaccine by September.

But if manufacturers struggle to supply enough glass bottles to distribute the vaccine, novel coronavirus could continue to spread around the world because of a shortage of glass bottles, even if the vaccine is developed.

The vaccine bottles are made of special glass and usually contain between 2ml and 100ml of liquid, with an average height of 45mm and width of 11.5mm.

In addition, the vials must be low temperature resistant and able to withstand the wear and tear caused by global transport.

On April 30th Sir John bell, professor of medicine at Oxford University, said there were now only 200m vials left in the world, taken up by people who could predict the number of vaccines.

Sir Jeremy farrah and Bill Gates, director of the wellcome foundation in the UK, said that with the introduction and mass production of the new coronavirus vaccine, it will not be long before there are not enough vials.

Dr. Rick bright, a U.S. vaccine scientist, says it could take as long as two years to produce the glass bottles needed to meet U.S. vaccine needs.

The U.S. food and drug administration also says vaccine makers are obligated to report any material shortages, but glass bottles are not on the list.

Regardless of whether the vaccine is in multi-dose vials (which can hold 2 to 20 doses), the vial stock will be affected and the dose size will affect the demand for vials.

It is more likely that a two-dose vaccine, two smaller doses of the vaccine, will be needed, which means more glass bottles will be needed, said John armand, a former vice President at sanofi, the pharmaceutical and health company.

Currently, the effect of a single or double dose vaccine against novel coronavirus is unknown.

While the immediate priority is to fight covid-19, other key vaccines, such as meningitis and influenza, must also be maintained, requiring more glass bottles.

With only 200 million left in the world, this may require increased attention and cooperation to address the glass bottle shortage.

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