There is growing evidence that novel coronavirus has already appeared in these countries in the fall of 2019

COVID – 19 outbreak has raged throughout the world for a long time, many countries have developed effective new vaccine, and there has been a national vaccination work, compared to the vaccine work smoothly, will be coronavirus roots of the problem has been elusive, many countries have found new zero patients, refresh their own records, the earliest discovered cases in recent period of time, more and more evidence that the fall of 2019, had appeared in these countries will be coronavirus.

Earlier cases of novel coronavirus have been found in many countries

According to British media reports, the Italian novel coronavirus most likely began circulating in September 2019, but these cases are almost five months earlier than the first reported cases in Italy, which were detected in February 2020.

The findings from previous for lung cancer screening of volunteers were detected in the body, the screening of the period from September 2019 to march the following year, found nearly one over ten of the human body inner before February has produced will be coronavirus antibody, and there are 4 cases this can even back in 2019 in early October, this means that it will be coronavirus existed prior to this, most likely in September when will coronavirus has been lurking in Italy.

Brazil is also found in sewage will be the existence of coronavirus, according to Spanish media reports, medical experts in November 2019, wastewater samples were collected found that there are two cases samples with will be coronavirus, this data is a broke the Brazilian’s first COVID immediately – 19 cases found time, the earliest time is the end of February 2020 cases after Brazil, in November 2019 will now find new crown exists in Brazil, which means that as early as several months ago.

Novel coronavirus is already circulating in Brazil.
The researchers didn’t believe the data either, so they repeated the tests several times, but the results were consistent, and the conclusion was that the novel coronavirus had spread early in human populations.
Earlier cases were also found in Italy, where the discovery was made in an oropharyngeal swab of a four-year-old boy.

According to media reports in Italy, in 2019 at the end of November, when milan a four-year-old boy appeared a physical discomfort, vomiting, and dyspnea, and was rushed to the hospital for treatment, the next day, the child, he appeared like measles spots, so after the hospital did for her oropharyngeal swab test, but did not notice will be coronavirus.

After December 2020 or so some researchers to milan in September 2019 to February 2020 during the period reserved oropharyngeal swabs are analyzed, found that only the four years old boy of oropharyngeal swab positive reaction, also isolated will be coronavirus gene, which means the boy probably about a week before the respiratory symptoms, has acquired will be coronavirus, and the child and his family have no history of living abroad, it is proved that he is likely to be infected by people, it is likely before the boy has been infected with the will of coronavirus.

The meaning of traceability

Of course there are many western countries have found cases of the new champions league home earlier, so now also can’t accurately the will be coronavirus which country is the first coming, because probably isn’t a place outgoing, but many local outbreak of together, so back to work is still in progress, the western countries are afraid to stand up and shouted, and to which country to be responsible for the outbreak of a pandemic, because perhaps check again and then check the state of their own is will be the source of coronavirus.
But we should not perform root-cause work is to blame or abuse of a country, but in order to know more about will be coronavirus how it is produced, is by what way to the spread of the mass, thus can better help our medical experts to conquer the virus, also in order to prevent happen again after this kind of similar to the spread of the virus.

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