This pandemic began with hatred

France decided early on May 11th to lift the embargo.

Although the outbreak has not eased, even if there were another cluster of infections in the last two days, this will not stop them from unsealing.

Currently, the number of confirmed patients in France is still as high as 52,842 (the total number of confirmed patients is 143,427 as of 20 May 2020).

But, astonishingly, France has been unblocked for nine days.

Think of the day after France unsealed on May 12.

We saw that afternoon, the sun was shining in Paris, the river was a place for citizens to gather, and the previous death toll of more than 20,000 people seemed to have been completely forgotten.

Here’s a look at the day they unsealed and gathered.

The French are more likely to forget that they have the world’s highest mortality rate in the global epidemic data.

The case fatality rate in France is as high as 19.53%!

This is a much higher proportion of deaths than in any other country. One reason is that there are more elderly people infected, but it still raises the question of whether a large number of people are still being diagnosed.

If 28,022 people died, based on the U.S. case-fatality ratio of 6%, the number could be as high as 467,000.

However, I am still too optimistic.

Novel coronavirus may have infected 2.8 million people in France as of May 11, according to a research paper released by the Pasteur institute, CCTV reported.

Aside from the 140,000 people who have been diagnosed, do they really have more than two million undiagnosed?

That’s a terrible number, but it’s not impossible. The hubris and arrogance of the pre-epidemic europeans brought them to this point.

Now, after the closure, their arrogance still exists, and their hatred towards the epidemic has gradually shifted to the Chinese people.

Racism has become more and more serious in France, and attacks against asians are frequent. Asians have been regarded as a virus in France.

A Chinese on the road, and a coughing person, perhaps the Chinese were more hostile.

They don’t want to think about their disdain and indulgence for the virus.

They began to blame everything on the Chinese, even though the spread was caused more by the French themselves.

The same is true of Britain.

According to British police statistics, there were 267 attacks against Chinese in the first three months of this year.

Last year there were 375 for the whole of the year.

Europeans now not only discriminate against Chinese, they treat all Chinese faces equally and all are indiscriminate attacks.

On 24 February, a Singaporean boy studying in London was beaten because of the epidemic.

Shouting “don’t bring in novel coronavirus”, the student was seriously beaten up by a group of teenagers in London.

You guilty!
Even if you haven’t been to an affected area, just because you have a Chinese face.

Now, the Chinese are the original sin!

On March 11, a family in an Italian community was reported by local residents after they saw bats hanging on their balcony.

Later, it was found that this was a false alarm, hanging only chicken wings.

Despite the clarification, the resident was ordered to remain in police custody for 14 days.

This is gross discrimination, just because you are Chinese.

They tacitly assigned the Chinese to the list of barbarians. When they learned that the virus might have been transmitted from bats, and when they saw something suspicious at a distance, they assumed that the Chinese were living there.

This is a totally malicious fantasy. Why are we Chinese considered barbaric and how many people would actually eat bats?

If there were not Chinese people living here, would this ridiculous news still appear?

This pandemic began with hatred.

European and American countries, which boast of being civilized, have been doing ridiculous things.

The chef of a one-michelin-star restaurant in Germany has posted racist remarks on social media after reopening.

Although he was eventually kicked out of Michelin and apologised, would that erase the fact that he had discriminated?

Like US President Donald trump, who has also changed his tune in the past.

He also used to be a blatant discrimination, calling novel coronavirus a Chinese virus on the Internet.

But recently, after a period of respite, he began to swing the pot again.

Pointing the finger at China, the President of a country, a Chinese journalist.

No, no, no, no, no. 1.

Plagues are a contest between humans and viruses, not a nation.

China sacrificed itself to save the world.

China, which pressed the pause button, has warned countries to prepare early.

Stop the senseless xenophobia, this epidemic is a test of people’s cohesion, rather than waste on hostility and xenophobia, it is better to unite together to face the virus.

The large-scale outbreak of throughout human history, all is a painful lesson, the Spanish flu pandemic of one hundred years ago, there is a same recriminations and hate each other, even the name of the flu to now in the shuffle the (Spanish pandemic actual origins from the United States, Spain call the flu in the United States, the United States called the Spanish flu), but that until now has no meaning.

The emergence of the new virus is a common disaster for all mankind, and we should win together.

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