Trump buys out 90% of the supply of redoxir and wants to monopolize vaccine development! The collective voice of 8 countries!

Covered by the epidemic, countries around the world are working hard for the successful development and equitable distribution of vaccines. According to surging news reports, on July 15th, representatives from eight countries including South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa jointly published a signed article in the American media, emphasizing the need to ensure the global fair distribution of the new coronavirus vaccine, saying “in all of us Before they are safe, none of us are safe.”

In contrast to the “fairness” appealed by representatives of the eight countries, according to a report by the US media on July 12, the executive of the US government’s vaccine strategy said that the vaccine developed in the country would “protect American citizens first.” This seems to mean that in the distribution of vaccines, the United States wants to implement the “national priority” strategy.

After snapping up more than 500,000 doses of ridcive, does the United States want to monopolize the vaccine?

In fact, when Redxive, known as the “anti-epidemic drug,” was born, the “national priority” of the United States had already emerged. Without waiting for the clinical data of the drug to be confirmed, the United States quickly issued a large purchase order to Gilead—purchasing 90% of the company’s drug production capacity in July, August, and September, with a total of more than 500,000 doses.

The United States is so eager to “purchase” that it may be under pressure. After all, as of July 16, the country’s cumulative number of newly diagnosed pneumonia has reached 3616747 people, far surpassing other countries, and the rush to press the economic “restart” button before the epidemic has been resolved, which has exacerbated the second outbreak of the epidemic and the United States has become the world The most severely affected country.

The impact of the early epidemic on the economy and the impediment to the economic restart caused by the outbreak of the second epidemic caused the US economy to fall into an unprecedented stagnation. Under the dual pressure of people’s health and safety and the country’s economic recovery difficulties, how to stabilize the epidemic and even resolve the epidemic has become the top priority of the United States. Under this premise, there was an American “buyout” of Redcive.

It should be noted that long before the “buy-out” incident, the United States had purchased the “special right” of the new coronavirus vaccine that it was developing from the German vaccine company at a price of 1 billion US dollars, trying to change this vaccine technology to “American special” “. Although the German company rejected an unreasonable purchase request from the United States, these two incidents revealed that whether it is an anti-epidemic drug or a new coronavirus vaccine, the United States never seems to have thought of equitable distribution with the world.

As for the accumulation of drugs and vaccines in the United States, experts have judged that the United States has never considered how to fight the epidemic from a global perspective. It just wants to ensure that “the United States has priority” and even a monopoly after the development of effective drugs and vaccines.

Who can take the lead in the research and development of the vaccine race in China and the United States?

In addition to the “buyout”, the United States announced its official withdrawal from the World Health Organization on July 7, which also confirmed the “national priority” of the United States from the side. Under the raging epidemic, most countries in the world have reached a consensus that the vaccines should be distributed in accordance with the principles of fairness, transparency, science, and reasonableness. The fair and effective vaccine distribution mechanism should be guided by WHO’s recommendations.

On the one hand, the United States’ “retreat” means that it does not want to abide by this consensus. On the other hand, it also means that if the United States vaccine is first available, it will have a reason not to comply with this consensus. Based on this, the “fairness” of vaccines seems to have become a “race” for vaccine research and development. Whoever can take the lead in research and development will be the first to succeed.

It is worth noting that in the field of research and development of new coronavirus vaccines, China and the United States are almost standing on the same starting line. Under such circumstances, who can lead the Chinese and American teams?

In the U.S., according to Sina’s July 15 news, U.S. media reported that vaccine research and development in the United States has entered the final stage. The last step is to start a study involving 30,000 people around July 27 to prove that the vaccine The new coronavirus is effective enough. As early as March, the United States disclosed that its team’s vaccine could be used on people as early as September.

In my country, also in March, Academician Zhong Nanshan also stated that China’s vaccine development will not be much slower than that of the United States. The fact is also as predicted by Academician Zhong Nanshan. According to the news released by the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences on June 24, China’s first new crown messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine has been approved by the Drug Administration’s clinical trial, and the first human experiment will be launched in Hangzhou. It is understood that the vaccine has three major advantages-long shelf life, good safety, and large-scale vaccination.

Before the mRNA, the recombinant new coronavirus vaccine (CHO cell) jointly developed by the subsidiary of Zhifei Biology and the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also been approved for clinical trials. If it is finally approved for production, the estimated annual output can reach 300 million Agent for 150 million people.

Judging from the latest published R&D progress, the speed of R&D in China and the United States seems to be “unmatched.” Who can take the lead in R&D success seems to be inconclusive, but under the premise of the spread of the epidemic worldwide, the success of the vaccine has been It cannot be simply linked to economic recovery. While winning the vaccine “race”, it is more important not to forget the original intention of “saving lives”.

US officials say China is trying to steal US vaccines, China: Leading position does not need to be obtained by stealing

On July 17, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying held a regular press conference. A reporter asked questions about US officials writing that China tried to steal US vaccines and medical research materials. What’s China’s response?

Hua Chunying said that some US officials claimed that China launched a cyber attack to steal US vaccines, which is ridiculous. Everyone knows that China is in a leading position in the research and development of new crown vaccines. We have first-class researchers, and we don’t need to steal to gain a leading position. At present, China’s scientific research team has deployed a number of vaccine research and development tasks in accordance with five technical lines. China’s vaccines with independent intellectual property rights have successfully entered clinical trials. China National Pharmaceutical Group China Biological Products Research Institute has taken the lead in building the world’s largest vaccine production workshop The competent department of the Food and Drug Administration is also fully promoting the development and marketing of the new coronary pneumonia vaccine, and we are also actively cooperating with relevant countries of the international community to strengthen cooperation in vaccine development and production and distribution.

Hua Chunying pointed out that in the past two days, there were reports that eight national leaders published a joint signed article calling on countries to establish a “fair vaccine distribution mechanism.” Unless all countries are safe, no country is truly safe. Vaccination is the most effective way to suppress the epidemic, but only if countries can obtain vaccines on an equal basis. We fully agree with this. In fact, at the 73rd World Health Assembly, President Xi Jinping solemnly promised that after the completion of the development and use of Chinese vaccines, they will be used as global public products to achieve the availability and availability of vaccines in developing countries. Affordability makes China’s contribution. China will not seek monopoly, buy out vaccines and anti-epidemic drugs like some countries. We will continue to work with relevant countries to strengthen cooperation in vaccine research and development, production and distribution, and hope to make our contribution to the global suppression of the epidemic as soon as possible and the safety and health of the people of the world.

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