Two mutated viruses were found, prompting Britain to turn to China for help

Though 2020 has been in the past, but the spread of the virus signs did not abate, and even the deterioration of the situation, the most important is, the virus has appeared various types of mutations, though not to the vaccine virus efficiently too big impact, but there is no doubt the change let the transmission speed, this is really a headache.

According to reliable sources, Britain found on December 19 local variation of strain, and learned that the virus infectious increased more than 70%, so it also improved the level of prevention and control, lead to other places around the UK thought this kind of situation and bad enough, but was found in 24, the UK and the other a mutated form, infectivity is also very strong.

Announced after these two messages in Britain, more than 50 countries around the world, suspended flights to and from, with the UK and the UK in September was actually found a mutation of the virus, is only has not released them, watching the situation now is more and more bad, this news is not bottom go to, so they just chose the public, have to say that the UK as a developed country in the world, to make this kind of thing is true is a bit irresponsible.

It is well known that in epidemic prevention and control of this aspect, our country to the papers can be said to be the full marks is too much, so when the situation becomes worse, they are helpless to launched in our country, and in order to let the outbreak has improved, our country is also very battle righteousness aided to Britain, we China’s help in this critical moment will inevitably to the local people a good impression, this for the future development and cooperation has a lot of advantages, for we Chinese influence in the world can be improved.

Actually in a lot of British people’s view, the United States is completely unreliable, of style on the one hand, they all know, on the one hand, is the country’s own epidemic control, may not necessarily have more energy to help them, and instead of China is a country with a very big bear, so in times of crisis for China is also a very wise choice, obviously influence of the nowadays our country in the western countries has increased a lot!
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