Two novel coronavirus variants, possibly from the United States, have been discovered

According to the American consumer news and business channel website, the Ohio state university researchers reported on Wednesday, they found two new may have originated from the United States will be coronavirus variants, one in late December to early January 3 weeks in Columbus, Ohio has rapidly become a major will be coronavirus variants.

Like the new variant initially detected in Britain, the new variants found in the United States appear to increase the infectivity of the novel coronavirus but do not appear to reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, the researchers said.

Researchers found evolutionary evidence of the mutant strain in Columbus, Ohio.
The new coronavirus may have originated in the United States, they report, because it contains three genetic mutations “that have never been seen together in a coronavirus before.”

“The new variant has the same genetic basis as the earlier cases we studied, but these three mutations represent a huge evolution, and we know that the variant did not come from the UK or South Africa,” said Dan Jones, the study leader and deputy chief of the department of molecular pathology at Ohio State University.

Jones added that it was too early to determine how contagious the virus might be in Columbus.
But researchers believe it could be even more contagious, just based on how fast it has spread in the past few weeks.

Peter Moller, chief scientific officer at Wexner Medical Center in Ohio and co-author of the latest study, said there was no data to suggest that the two new variants would affect the vaccine’s effectiveness.
“It is important that we do not overreact to this new variant until we have more data,” he said in a statement.
“We need to understand the impact of the mutation on the transmission of the virus, how prevalent the mutant strain is in the population, and whether it could have a more significant impact on human health.”

Earlier this month, the White House Coronavirus Task Force warned states that a new mutant strain may be circulating in the United States.
The hypothesis, proposed by task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Burks, is based on the severity of the outbreak in the United States in recent months, The New York Times reported.
The Ohio Department of Health’s chief medical officer, Dr. Bruce van der Hoff, said in a statement that the department was “not surprised” that a mutant strain of the new virus had been found in the state.

Researchers warn that as the virus spreads widely around the world, it has more opportunities to mutate, potentially becoming more infectious or making existing treatments and vaccines less effective.

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