Under the epidemic, Russian media boldly predict: China will be surprising this year

Since last year, the new crown epidemic has broken out on a global scale. This sudden epidemic caught all countries by surprise and brought a heavy blow to all countries. Especially in terms of economic situation, most countries are in a state of stagnation, and some countries are even in a state of regression. So far, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled. Not only that, with the advent of autumn and winter, some countries are facing counterattacks from the second and third waves of the epidemic. Under this special background, the economic situation of these countries is showing a downward trend. The International Monetary Fund predicts that the global economic situation will experience the most serious trough since the Great Depression of 1929-1923. However, in this trough, there is still a dazzling manifestation of sudden emergence, and that is China.

China’s economic recovery

In 2020, China was hit by the new crown epidemic. However, thanks to the joint efforts of the party, government and all Chinese people, the country has expended huge human, material and financial resources to effectively control the epidemic. Of course, in order to control the epidemic, China also paid a huge economic price in the first half of the year, and the economic situation showed a downward trend. Under the circumstances at the time, many countries in the world were not optimistic about the recovery of China’s economic situation.

However, after the epidemic was effectively controlled, China pushed the economic situation towards recovery at an astonishing speed. Under such a severe epidemic situation last year, it is indeed a very difficult achievement for China to break through the siege and achieve economic recovery. Many international organizations have made predictions on China’s economic situation last year. They believe that China’s economic growth in 2020 will be about 2% or more, and it may reach 7.9% next year.

Great differences between China and the United States

China is the second largest economy in the world, and the largest economy is the United States on the other side of the ocean. Also under the situation of last year’s epidemic, the performance of the United States was somewhat unsatisfactory. So far, the United States has become the country with the worst epidemic situation in the world. The number of confirmed cases and death toll has been rising, but the economic situation has been declining. The people have complained about the government. From this perspective, the United States and China are very polarized. China’s economic development achievements last year are obvious to all around the world.

On December 24, the Singaporean media reported on China’s economic development last year. The report stated that although China did not launch a large number of stimulus plans like Europe and the United States, it still achieved good results in economic recovery. Against the backdrop of a decline in the global economic situation, China has emerged as a new force, with outstanding achievements. Russian media also reported that China’s economic recovery has made great achievements, and the promotion of investment and consumption is the foundation of China’s economic recovery. Under the special background of last year, China was able to break through the blockade of the epidemic. On the one hand, it effectively contained the spread of the epidemic, and on the other hand, it quickly resumed the development of the national economy. This proved to the world the wisdom and strength of the Chinese people. Not only that, Russian media also boldly predicted that China will be even more surprising next year.

On the other hand, China’s various performances and achievements last year have just proven to the world the excellence and success of China’s plan. This is for those Western countries that have always slandered China in the international community and “poured dirty water” on China. It is undoubtedly a resounding slap in the face.

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