What are the causes of rheumatoid arthritis?

Why the rheumatoid disease of others cured, did someone have a relapse again?

In fact, about 70% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis recurrent, periodic attacks.
It not only seriously affects the daily life, study and work of patients, but also gradually aggravates the condition, resulting in serious consequences such as dysfunction, obstacles and significantly decreased quality of life.

The causes of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by many unknown reasons of abnormal immune response in the body of the disease, pathological development, the current treatment drugs can not completely eradicate the abnormal immune response in the body, so before the disease can not reach a stable period, the abnormal response continues to exist or controlled at a low level.
If there is a trigger or drug use is not standard, this abnormal immune response will cause symptoms to flare up again.

In short, the human immune system as a whole is in a state of dynamic balance, when the dynamic balance is stable rheumatoid, patients do not have the problem of joint pain and swelling, the same as normal people.
However, if this balance is ruptured, rheumatoid disease is at risk of recurrence.

  1. Stop medication and change medication without following the doctor’s instructions.

Patients know that rheumatoid disease is an immune disease, immune disease treatment drugs are extremely strict.
Due to the patient’s constitution, drug resistance and other factors, the treatment of rheumatoid drugs are strictly standardized and personalized, doctors need to decide the choice, dosage, dosage form, taking time according to the patient’s condition, body tolerance and weight.
If the patient can not actively cooperate with the doctor to rationally use drugs, it is difficult to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect.

Therefore, some patients without the right to replace drugs, stop drugs, rheumatoid arthritis is easy to relapse.
Sudden withdrawal can cause fatigue, fatigue and pain.
Even if the drug is stopped slowly, it can increase the risk of recurrence.
Discontinuation of antirheumatic drugs that improve the condition may recur after 4-8 weeks.

  1. An unhealthy lifestyle.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease easily affected by inductive factors, weather, environment, diet and so on can cause the recurrence of the disease.
Therefore, actively prevent from all aspects, pay attention to heat preservation, maintain a happy and relaxed mood, need to avoid infection, cold, moisture, overwork and so on.

  1. An unhealthy mental state.

Rheumatoid arthritis has a very high rate of disability, many rheumatoid patients in the mental state of long-term tension and depression.
Fear of the future and loss of faith in life.

Patients know that rheumatoid disease is actually caused by a disorder of their own immune system, and that long-term unhealthy lifestyle can reduce immunity.
Similarly, a chronically unhealthy state of mind can lower our immunity.
Mental decline and poor sleep quality can have a negative effect on your immune system.
A healthy and positive mood makes our body relaxed and energetic, and also has obvious help to improve immunity.
Therefore, maintaining a healthy and positive mood is also an important basis for maintaining a healthy condition.

In the past 30 years, the treatment of rheumatoid disease has developed rapidly. Controlling symptoms and preventing obstacles is not a dream for most patients with rheumatoid disease.

Rheumatoid disease has not been completely overcome, but the clinical recovery rate is increasing every year.
Many patients through treatment can be well controlled rheumatoid disease, ensure the quality of daily life.
Through active exercise recovery to improve immunity, through a healthy daily lifestyle does not trigger the incidence of rheumatoid disease inducement, rheumatoid disease can be stable for a long time without repetition.

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