What is the purpose of a virus that kills people and kills itself?

There is no doubt that all living things on Earth are designed to reproduce, as are all viruses.

Isn’t that in doubt?
Why kill the host if you’re trying to reproduce?
By killing the host, isn’t it also dead?
How do you reproduce?

For individuals, it’s true that they don’t live long after they kill their host, but as a race.
Virus is the oldest member of the earth, it can be said that the virus is the real master of the earth, all kinds of creatures on the earth you sing, I come on stage.
But the virus is always there, so the survival strategy of the virus must be very powerful.

Viruses a lot of scientists don’t think they’re alive because they’re just strings of DNA or RNA plus proteins, but they’re pretty smart, and a lot of viruses, when they first appear, are really deadly and virulent.
But this is obviously bad for their transmission, because many viruses kill their hosts before they can spread.

Such as the famous ebola virus, its mortality rate is very high, as high as 50%, if the virus spread, will certainly is a human catastrophe, but not seen the ebola virus epidemic, the main reason is because of its short incubation period, the onset of fast, in a very short time after onset, resulting in a large number of patients died.
So many of the original villages in Africa had Ebola, and before it had spread, the village was wiped out.

As avirus spreads, it evolves, and in general, it evolves toward less virulence, longer incubation period, and higher transmission rates, and that’s what’s going on with the current novel coronavirus, which is less virulence and hasn’t been tested yet, but it evolves toward longer incubation period and higher transmission rates.

Even many viruses have evolved to co-exist with human beings, and the most successful one is influenza virus. Influenza virus is incurable to human beings and can only rely on the body to heal itself. However, its harm to human beings is mostly small, and it is basically some common cold symptoms.

And then there’s the hepatitis B virus, which can become a chronic disease and become symbiotic with humans.

Many of these creatures are been unchecked development to extinction, such as the history of the second biological extinction “late devonian extinctions” is because a large number of incontinent breeding devonian terrestrial plants, leading to the increase of oxygen content in the earth’s atmosphere, carbon dioxide sharply reduced, the planet into salomon kalou caused by the ice age.

So a lot of times it’s just that creatures are not that intelligent, and they will multiply as often as they can, to make their species bigger, of course, but if they multiply too much, they may upset the ecological balance and cause their own extinction.

The same is true of human beings. After entering the industrial society, human beings also began to develop the earth without restraint, causing environmental pollution, resource depletion and other problems. But the advantage is that human beings have a very advanced wisdom, we can recognize this problem, start environmental protection, control their desires.

And that’s certainly true of viruses, viruses that aren’t very smart, they multiply and divide uncontrollably, and that inevitably leads to the death of the host, but there are viruses that are very smart, and they also evolve in a symbiotic way.
It’s all about reproduction, about the continuation of the race.

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