When the secretion of growth hormone in the most ?

Anterior pituitary secretion of a hormone that can promote the growth of the body . Auxin can promote liver produce auxin medium, indirectly promote growth period of the epiphyseal cartilage formation, promote the growth of bone and cartilage, which makes the body increases. Auxin is have effect on intermediary metabolism and energy metabolism, can promote protein synthesis, strengthen the sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and other important elements uptake and utilization, inhibit the consumption of sugar at the same time, accelerate the decomposition of fat, make energy source by the sugar metabolism to fat metabolism.. People at an early age , if lack of the growth hormone secretion , can cause growth retardation , looks particularly short , saying ” dwarfism ” ; If excessive secretion of growth hormone , which can cause excessive growth of the whole body , skeletal growth is particularly significant , resulting in abnormal tall stature , called ” gigantism .”

Human growth hormone can promote body’s growth , and can regulate the body’s metabolism . Growth hormone use glucose mainly by inhibiting the muscle and adipose tissue, while promoting the sugar dysplasia function of liver and the glycogen decomposition, so that the blood sugar to rise.Growth hormone can promote lipolysis, plasma free fatty acids increased. When hunger reduced insulin secretion , growth hormone secretion increased , so by reducing blood glucose and fat utilization increased, this time in plasma glucose and free fatty acid content increased .

   Pituitary hormones mainly are:

( 1 ) growth hormone (GH): is a 191 amino acid protein hormones . Significant role in promoting growth , and promote protein synthesis in vivo to enhance uptake and utilization of sodium, potassium , calcium, phosphorus and other elements. human growth hormone and insulin have a synergistic effect in vivo protein synthesis , but fat and carbohydrate metabolism are mutually antagonistic . Growth hormone can inhibit the consumption of sugar , accelerate lipolysis function. According to this view , Some people think that the role of growth hormone in the incidence of obesity is very small.But there are also studies have found that growth hormone release reduce obesity patients, for a variety of physiological and drugs to stimulate the reactivity of reduced.

( 2 ) prolactin (PRL): a 199 amino acid protein hormones. Under normal condition, prolactin mainly promote growth development period of female breast development growth.In the body under different stress state, the secretion of prolactin is raised.Obese patients prolactin (PRL) levels in the body is usually normal, but patients can increase the secretion of various drugs to stimulate the reactivity of lower than normal.

( 3 ) thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH): The main function is the regulation of thyroid hormone can act on various stages of iodine metabolism in the body .

(4) adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) : mainly promote sugar coriaceous steroid hormone secretion in salt cortex steroid hormones and sex hormone secretion also has certain – promoting effect.

Below the pituitary gland is located in the brain, as big as a pea, is shaped like a pea, hormone secretion both direct effects on the human body, also inspired other gland produces hormones, or adjust the hormone production of other glands, indirect role in various tissues.For example, there is a kind of pituitary hormone (growth hormone) to promote children’s bone and soft tissue growth;Another hormone (thyroid stimulating hormone) through stimulation of the thyroid gland to adjust metabolism;Stimulating follicle hormone and luteinizing hormone, prolactin, etc., help determine the sex and birth control;Adrenocorticotropic hormone make adrenal glands to release a variety of hormones necessary to sustain life.

Although the pituitary gland is so important, according to the recent research results of endocrinologists, not glandular pituitary, commander of itself is controlled by the hypothalamus.The hypothalamus is part of the brain, is located in the upper part of the pituitary gland, with the help of a nerve impulse for a lot of information about the body;Feel the need, secretion is called chemical release factor and inhibiting factor.These substances slowly spread to the pituitary gland, or stimulate the pituitary gland to release the stored hormone, or inhibit pituitary hormone release, so as to control the growth and development of the body, regulate a number of human body function.The hypothalamus monitoring function of the pituitary gland, nervous system and endocrine system to maintain normal body function, how closely cooperate.hypothalamus also produces two hormones called oxytocin and vasopressin.These hormones after special cells down channel to the pituitary gland, the pituitary gland these hormones stored, released as required.Oxytocin in childbirth stimulate uterine muscle contraction, vasopressin is through contraction blood vessels as well as to promote the body retain fluids, blood pressure to rise.

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