WHO: Defeating Coronavirus’ A Long Way to Go ‘

World Health Organization (WHO) experts warned Monday that there could be another six months of “difficult, difficult journey” before a vaccine in 2021 reverses the spread of the coronavirus, AFP reported from Geneva.

Maria van Kierkerhoff, technical director for WHO’s Covid-19, says that in many countries, the situation is very worrying – and it will get worse.

She said there were indeed “a number of countries” with incredibly high levels of infection, particularly in Europe and North America, and “the number of new confirmed cases, hospitalizations and admissions to intensive care units in some countries is really frightening.”

Speaking at a live event on WHO social media, she said family reunions during Christmas and New Year’s would lead to a further rise in the number of cases in January.

“We’re starting to see it now;
We’ll see that in the coming weeks.
“In many countries, we will see things get worse before they get better.”

Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said there was a wave of anticipation when vaccines began to become available last month, but there was no relief and less vigilance against the disease.

“We’ve had a year.
It’s been a really, really long battle.”

“We have three to six months ahead of us in this difficult, painful process,” he said.
But we can do it.”

“The reinforcements are coming, the vaccine is coming — but for most people in the world, the vaccine is not coming.”

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