WHO Expert: field visit to Wuhan Virus Research Institute is completely transparent, and “virus leakage” is pure speculation

A member of the WHO international expert group on tracing the origin of new coronavirus said recently that China has fully opened up the places and personnel required for their on-the-spot investigation, and the degree of openness was unexpected. The expert group also gave a positive evaluation to the smeared Wuhan virus laboratory, “who experts are very confident in the safety of Wuhan Virus Research Institute”, and the equipment of Wuhan laboratory is excellent, “it is difficult to imagine what can leak out from here”.
According to the associated press on February 6, British zoologist Peter dassack, a member of the expert group, said on Friday that members of the international expert group had submitted a carefully considered list of locations and personnel, and China had not raised any objection.
“We were asked where we wanted to go. We gave the Chinese a list As you can see, we’ve been to all the key places. “
Dassack stressed, “every place we ask to go, every person we want to meet…” China’s response to all demands is unexpected.
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Dassack also highly praised his Chinese counterparts. For several months, Chinese experts have been preparing for the WHO Expert Group’s field visit.
After the outbreak of COVID-19’s global outbreak, some politicians closely related to former US President Trump have speculated that Wuhan Virus Research Institute may be the source of the epidemic, because a large number of bat virus samples were collected here.
Dassack especially stressed that the doubts surrounding the Institute were “politicized on a global scale”. He said that when the expert group visited this highly secure Research Institute, its openness was beyond his expectation.
“For this organization, I believe there has been a lot of pressure, so it’s not just me, but the international expert group that can ask really insightful questions. It’s really good that all the key people are present. “
In addition to the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, local hospitals and seafood markets in Wuhan are also fully open to the WHO Expert Group, the report said.
“It is incredible to novel coronavirus pneumonia patients who have seen the first batch of new patients. You can talk to the person dealing with the first case, ask what she sees, ask questions
He said that the South China seafood market related to the clustering of early cases was also fully open to the expert group. This includes meetings with suppliers and marketing managers, and visits to the market with those who took samples of the original environment after the market closed.
Russian satellite news network report screenshot
According to Russian satellite news network, Vladimir jedkov, deputy director of scientific work of the Pasteur Institute of epidemiology and microbiology in St. Petersburg, Russia, a member of the WHO Expert Group, said that the laboratory of Wuhan Virus Research Institute had been accused of “leaking new coronavirus”, but after the field investigation, it is not too much to praise the facilities here, and it is extremely difficult to imagine the occurrence of virus leak.
According to the report, the WHO Expert Group arriving in Wuhan visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology on February 3, including the highly isolated P4 laboratory.
“It’s certainly important for our group to visit the facility, communicate with peers and observe the organizational process here,” jedkov said. It’s well arranged here. I don’t know who criticized them. The work arrangement of the laboratory is so thorough that no praise can be too much. It’s hard for me to imagine anything leaking from here. “
He added that it was a very good research institute with high professionalism.
According to jedkov, “the laboratory equipment is excellent, even gorgeous. Of course, some people have asked, what are they doing, what are they studying, they have shown everything, we have seen everything. “

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