WHO hopes to have 2 billion doses of coVID-19 available by the end of 2021

The WORLD Health Organization says more than 200 coVID-19 vaccines are being developed worldwide, 15 of which are in human clinical trials.
Who says it hopes to deliver 2 billion doses of coVID-19 to the world by the end of 2021, a goal that will require significant investment to expand vaccine capacity.
To this end, WHO and others will continue to raise money for the Access to CoVID-19 Tool Accelerators initiative, which brings together organizations, companies and others to accelerate the development, production and equitable distribution of coVID-19 vaccines and diagnostic tools.

Who chief scientist Sumiya Swaminathan said that vaccine development typically takes eight to 10 years, and the WHO wants to shorten that time to 12-18 months (from January 2020), an unprecedented speed that can only be achieved through global collaboration.

There are now more than 200 vaccine candidates worldwide, 15 of which are in human clinical trials.
In order to produce hundreds of millions of vaccines as soon as possible, the production facilities of multiple candidate vaccines should be expanded ahead of time while the development of vaccines is accelerated.

Sumiya Swaminathan also stressed that coVID-19 vaccines should be a global public good, with many companies already sharing their scientific knowledge and resources.

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