Why are media companies churning out “viral conspiracy theories”?

Kevin rudd, the former Australian prime minister, wrote in the guardian on May 7 that rupert murdoch’s news corp was part of a “viral conspiracy” to help Donald trump’s re-election bid.

In fact, the media owned by rupert murdoch has expressed the so-called “views” through various reports on more than one occasion, which has attracted netizens from all over the world to “ridicule” on social media.

△ Rupert Murdoch

These media outlets are adept at accusing China of “negligence” through “gossip” and then “packaging” it into “official products” to enhance the credibility of the conspiracy theory.

Australia’s former prime minister has dismissed an “exclusive” conspiracy theory

Just a few days ago (May 4), the Australian Daily Telegraph, a newspaper owned by murdoch media, published what it called a “world exclusive” report.The report claimed to have obtained a 15-page document from “western governments” showing what it called “evidence of China’s deliberate destruction of novel coronavirus outbreaks” and was filled with speculation and smears against China.

△ screenshots of The Daily Telegraph report

Later, when the story was picked up by other murdoch news outlets, it was “unequivocally” claimed to be a document from the five eyes alliance, an intelligence-sharing network of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and said the dossiers helped confirm trump’s theory of an “artificial virus.”

△ rudd’s novel coronavirus plot against China by rupert murdoch news corporation has only one purpose: to reelect Donald trump

Rudd made it clear in his guardian article that the document, which details a series of investigations by the five eyes alliance, avoids identifying the author, and its true provenance remains unclear.The conspiracy theories trumped by the murdoch news corporation, which is close to Mr. Trump personally, are politically manipulated to shift responsibility away from the government and help Mr. Trump win the presidency.

Multinational intelligence agencies say they will not bear the blame

On April 30, the office of the director of national intelligence issued a statement, saying it “agreed with the broad consensus of the scientific community that novel coronavirus is not man-made”, and denied that the intelligence material supported the “man-made virus” conspiracy theory.

△ screenshot of the guardian report

According to sources quoted by the guardian, the 15-page report accused by The Daily Telegraph of “China’s deliberate concealment of the epidemic” did not come from the five eyes alliance’s intelligence, which is likely to have originally come from the United States in order to create negative public opinion and put pressure on China.

And five eyes insiders recently said it was “unlikely” that the spread of covid-19 was caused by a laboratory leak.Australian and British intelligence agencies are also trying to distance themselves from the report and from politics.

△ screenshot of the der spiegel report

In addition, according to the German “der spiegel” local time on May 8 reported that the United States concocted “novel coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory”, the German federal intelligence agency also expressed doubts.The agency said the U.S. move was a distraction from the country’s response to the outbreak.

Frequent “smears” against Chinese media owned by murdoch may become “habitual offenders”

In fact, it is not the first time that news media owned by murdoch have expressed the so-called “opinion” through various reports on this topic, that is, novel coronavirus was “invented” in the laboratory in wuhan.

△ fox news and times screenshots

Two days after The Daily Telegraph’s report was published, Fox News, a News channel owned by rupert murdoch, gave an interview to the paper’s reporter, Sally markson.In the interview, the host and guest “joined forces”, claiming that the 15-page research archive was “the result of a multinational effort”.

On May 8, local time, fox news broadcast the us republican anti-china senator Tom Cotton’s so-called investigation into the origin of novel coronavirus.On the show, he spread the rumor that China “consciously” allowed covid-19 to spread after learning it was deadly.

On April 19, local time, The Times, a British newspaper owned by murdoch media, published a story about a so-called wuhan laboratory leak novel coronavirus.It falsely claimed that people were sick with a mysterious virus a few miles from the research facility, but gave no evidence.The report also called the words and deeds of the lab workers in wuhan “the curse of batgirl.”

Screenshots of the Wall Street journal and news.com.au reports

On April 21, the Wall Street journal, a newspaper owned by rupert murdoch, published an opinion piece by Tom cotton.Researchers at the wuhan lab had gone to caves across China to capture bats to study the virus, the paper said, in an attempt to “stretch the idea of a laboratory virus.”

On April 17 local time, news s.com.au, also owned by rupert murdoch, published a report quoting a “source” as saying that “patient zero” was working in a laboratory in wuhan and was infected.Ironically, the article was titled “evidence suggests that…””Without citing any substantial evidence.

△ Reuters: murdoch has a strong personal relationship with trump

According to the New York times, according to a survey of the global media mogul rupert murdoch has the New York post, the United States, fox news, Britain The Times, such as the sun almost 200 newspapers and satellite television services across five continents, has great influence on the United States, english-speaking countries.

Fox news, the us conservative media outlet owned by rupert murdoch, has long had good relations with republican politicians.Under former chief executive Roger Ailes, fox news became a giant microphone for conservatives and the republican party, helping fuel the rise of U.S. President Donald trump.

He put his heart and soul into trump

On social media, netizens from all over the world have expressed their views on this issue, and the media tycoon has also become the target of “ridicule”.

△ this man murdoch is such a terrible man that he should be held accountable for his news corporation lies day after day.

△ net friend :(rudd) good article, right to the point.

To be clear, murdoch is committed to trump.

△ netizen: make sure it’s time for the world to dump rupert murdoch…

The “truth” of conspiracy theories is not worth much

Some “intelligence” may seem to add “truth” to the “man-made virus” conspiracy theory, but “truth” is not really valuable, after all, these media are owned by rupert murdoch’s news corporation.

“At the end of the day, this is probably all part of a political manipulation of the media,” Mr Rudd said.

△ Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia

Ajit Singh, an American journalist who wrote an article exposing the conspiracy theory of “novel coronavirus from wuhan virus research institute” concocting by the us media and the us government, also pointed out:

“Anti-china propaganda” appears to be a “co-ordinated” campaign by the us government to dilute popular anger over capitalism and systemic government failures and direct it towards what it calls “foreign monsters”.

When lies are reported as facts, and those who put forward rational views are despised, the excitement of publishing a “big story” in some western media trumps their sense of responsibility to report the truth to the public.

Such “big stories” may seem to put pressure on the other side, but they actually harm the long-term interests of the country.

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